What are the implications nozzle carbon deposit? Nozzle cleaning

by:DEFUS     2020-06-18
is actually a simple electromagnetic valve, when the electromagnetic coil current, suction, needle valve was drawn up, open the nozzle, fuel valve head shaft through the needle and the annular clearance between the high-speed jet, the nozzle to form fog, burning full. Next you tell unship nozzle mixing what effect is there? cleaning? What are the implications nozzle carbon deposit as one of the key components of efi engine nozzle, its work is good or bad will seriously affect the performance of the engine. clogging will seriously affect the performance. Jam is the cause of it is due to the coke deposition on the nozzle in the engine or blocked nozzle pathways such as the impurity in the fuel. The car after a period of time, the fuel system can form a sediment. Fuel directly related to the formation of sediment and car: the first is due to the gasoline itself contains pectin, impurities, or into the dust and impurities in the process of storage and transportation, etc. , accumulate over a long period to form in areas such as the automobile fuel tank, oil inlet similar sludge deposits; The second is due to the unstable ingredient in gasoline reaction under a certain temperature, the formation of colloid and resin dope. The dope in the nozzle, the inlet valve parts, such as burns, sediment becomes hard carbon deposit. In addition, as the urban traffic congestion, car in low speed and the idle state, often more can aggravate the formation and accumulation of these deposits. Fuel system sediment has great harm. Sediment will plug nozzle needle valve, valve hole, affect the performance of electronic injection system precision components, led to the decrease of the dynamic performance; Sediment will be formed in the intake valve deposit, cause its closed lax, the engine idle speed instability, increase fuel consumption and emissions worse; Sediment will be at the top of the piston and cylinder cover parts of hard carbon deposit, due to the high heat capacity and thermal conductivity of carbon deposit is poor, easy to cause the failure such as engine BaoZhen; In addition also will shorten the life of three yuan catalysts. work good or bad, for each engine power plays a fundamental role into full play. Due to poor fuel fuel injector nozzle work is ineffective, carbon deposit in cylinder is serious; Accelerate cylinder, piston ring wear, causing unstable idle speed, fuel consumption increase, accelerate the weakness, starting difficulty and the excess emissions, serious will thoroughly clogging nozzle, damage the engine. How could nozzle cleaning need cleaning specific choices: — How much fuel injection quantity control: the same type of DianPenChe, gasoline pump pressure is constant, regardless of throttle opening size, as long as through the adjustment of the fuel pressure regulator, the pressure of the nozzle is always constant. and the fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator is strictly used, only the design pressure, nozzle can achieve the best effect of atomization, the pressure is lower than the design pressure, spewing oil isn't fog, show columnar, should not be mixed with air; Pressure is too large, spewing oil is in the shape of cone surface is not easy to mix, and the power of the jet is too big, a lot of fuel spray directly onto the wall, directly affect the mixing ratio parameters. Both acceleration and idle speed, the pressure should be constant. Different models of pressure also each are not identical, The advantages of a friend mentioned a few choice, is pressure for different models to choose, not speed up the pressure of the idle speed is different, the error has chosen the injection pressure, nozzle atomizing bad) 。 How much fuel injection quantity, depends on the length of the fuel injection time. Fuel injector according to the control of electromagnetic coil in a different way, divided into voltage driving type and current driven type two kinds. Voltage is low resistance and high resistance, high resistance can receive 12 v electricity, low resistance can only receive low voltage, misconnect time slightly longer on the 12 v will burn coil. Fuel injection, the computer provides the voltage is constant, such as 12 v, break oil immediately to 0 v, this change is instantaneous, like the inside of the computer language 0 s and 1 s a concept, not 0. 5. In other words, it's a pulsating direct current signal, not what noun alternating current (ac) and so on. Alternating current (ac) what concept? The positive and negative cross is an alternating current. Like car inside besides generator rectifier part before, generally do not contact with alternating current. When the nozzle clogging, poor injection, or nozzle gap has the carbon deposition and agglutination, can not meet the design of the fuel injection quantity or atomization effect, only need to clean. What are the effects more than about 'fuel injector nozzle carbon deposit? How nozzle cleaning 'all content, in the hope that useful to everyone.
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