What are the main function of piston ring piston ring pack

by:DEFUS     2020-08-27
What are the main function of piston ring piston ring how to pack in the actual assembly, we don't have the three gas ring opening evenly distributed in 120 degrees, and oil ring and liner ring opening is not installed at 180 degrees, but the three gas ring opening installed at 180 degrees. Degrees. That is to say, the adjacent piston ring must be installed 180 degrees apart, so that the installation of the piston ring is more effective than installation of piston ring at 120 degrees, in order to avoid overlapping. What are the main function of piston ring piston at the top of the two is a gas ring, also known as compression ring, the effect is a sealed cylinder, to prevent the cylinder gas leakage, it also has a role is the piston at the top of the sound of quantity of heat to the cylinder liner, heat can be taken away by the cooling water. Oil ring effect of piston pin hole above the called oil ring, its function is to store a small amount of oil lubrication cylinder liner, and scrape off the excess oil. Piston ring effect including sealing, adjust the oil ( Containment) , thermal conductivity, Heat transfer) , guide ( Bearing) Four. Seal: refers to the seal gas, don't let the combustion gas leakage into the crankcase, control the gas leakage at a minimum, improving thermal efficiency. Gas leakage will not only reduce engine power, and can make the oil metamorphism, this is the main task of the gas ring; Adjusting the oil ( Containment) : scrape excess oil on them, and also make the oil cylinder wall cloth has a thin membrane, normal lubrication of the cylinder and piston and ring, this is the main task of the oil ring. In the modern high-speed engine, special emphasis on the effect of piston ring control of oil film; Thermal conductivity: through the piston ring of piston's heat conduction cylinder liner, the cooling effect. According to reliable information, the cooling in the piston crown is 70 ~ 80% of the heat is passed to cylinder wall and piston ring melted away, cooling 30-40% of the piston are passed to cylinder wall and piston ring melted away. Piston ring should be paid attention to how to install the piston ring when loading: 1) The load within the cylinder liner piston ring flat, outlet to have the certain gap. 2) Piston rings should be installed on the piston, in the ring groove, must have certain side clearance along the height direction. 3) Chrome plated ring should be put in the first, don't toward the piston at the top of the open pits of eddy current direction. 4) The piston ring in staggered 120 ℃, each other are not on the piston pin hole. 5) Piston ring conic, cone when installation should be upward. 6) Reverse ring installation, chamfering and cutting should be upward. Motor repair case WeChat qixiuanli mechanics putted forward 7) Installing a combination ring, ring should be installed axial line, flat ring and waveform ring again. Waveform ring with above two pieces of flat ring, down to a piece of flat ring, opening should be staggered. After some engine maintenance, using 300 ~ 500 h, appear to burn, the phenomenon of engine oil. We groped after years of improvement, and achieved good results. More about 'what are the main function of piston ring piston ring pack' the content of the small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention. , your car's warm harbor!
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