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What are the Performance and Causes of Car Oxygen Sensor Failure?


As we all know, automotive oxygen sensor is a very important component. Many car owners say their cars are fuel-efficient and emit black smoke, but they don’t know where the problem is. Next, let DEFUS explain to you what are the failure performances of car o2 sensor and what the causes are.

What are the performance of automobile oxygen sensor failure

There are three main points of oxygen sensor failure performance:

First, Smell: There is a very pungent odor. This is because without the function of the oxygen sensor, the three-way catalytic converter cannot fully burn carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides, so it will release a very pungent odor. This is The most obvious method of judgment.

Second, Check the color: After the general oxygen sensor fails, it will emit black smoke, especially the performance of German vehicles is particularly obvious.

Third, Listening: In most cases, the engine will shake and there is a sudden sound when exhausting. This is why we should pay attention to whether there is a problem with the oxygen sensor.

What are the causes of the failure of the oxygen sensor

Oxygen sensor silicon poisoning failure

One of the common causes of oxygen sensor failure is silicon poisoning. Silicon compounds are present in some sealing materials, corrosion inhibitors in lubricants and antifreeze. How to judge this reason? Mainly depends on the color. At this time, the color of the sediment on the surface of the o2 sensor is between bright white and granular light gray.

Oxygen sensor carbon deposition

The failure of the o2 sensor without a heating rod is usually due to the formation of carbon deposits on the surface of the oxygen sensor or ceramic element, which increases the reaction time of the oxygen sensor and may cause the loss of the oxygen sensor's function of detecting oxygen.

Oxygen sensor phosphorus poisoning failure

On the surface of the o2 sensor, phosphorus is rarely precipitated in the state of pure phosphorus, but in the state of a certain compound. The phenomenon that these phosphides contaminate the oxygen sensor is termed phosphorus poisoning.

Oxygen sensor ceramic broken

The ceramic of the o2 sensor is hard and brittle, and it can be broken and damaged by being hit with a hard object or blown with a strong air flow. Therefore, care should be taken when handling, and if problems are found, they must be replaced in time.

Oxygen sensor heater resistance wire is blown

If your car uses a heated o2 sensor, if the heater resistance wire is ablated, it is difficult to make the sensor reach the normal operating temperature and lose its function.

At last, if you still have any question, please contact DEFUS, and we will give you the answer.


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