What are the problems with cars not driving for a long time

by:DEFUS     2020-05-25

First of all, make it clear that if the vehicle cannot be placed for a long time, it must be harmful to the vehicle itself! The specific analysis is from the following aspects! 1. The electrical components and control unit of the vehicle, because the current vehicles are intelligent, and the electronically integrated computer control circuit is mostly, so the first thing that bears the brunt is that the car battery will lose power. Why is it because of the car electrical components and control The increase in units has led to an increase in power supply demand, especially the increase in the static power consumption of some high-end vehicles after the car is locked. Therefore, some vehicles will fail to start after a period of parking! 2. The aging or corrosion of the rubber parts and other control parts of the vehicle,  For example, tires, long-term parking, uneven force surface of the tires, etc. If they are parked outdoors, they will also accelerate the rubber Premature aging of components and corrosion of brake discs will also occur. If some vehicles tighten the handbrake, it may cause the handbrake to fail to return to normal! 3. The most harmful is the damage of the paint surface, especially in outdoor vehicles, the wind and the sun plus the rain, so the damage to the paint surface of the car body is the greatest, and there is the long-term exposure to the sun Down, it will cause other components in the car to aging in advance. If it is the rainy and humid season in the south, mold spots and odors in the car will also occur! 4. The expiry of the vehicle's oil and the appearance of some deposits.  If the vehicle is parked for a long time, some of the vehicle's oil will produce precipitates, and some will also undergo chemical changes for a long time. Or the parts are damaged! Therefore, in summary, all of these may occur, so it is recommended that the owner should take the time to start the vehicle as much as possible if it is not used for a long time. It is recommended to start once every 7-15 days. If conditions permit, drive on the road One run is the best! The above, I hope to help you!                                

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