What are the pros and cons of installing guard? What are the differences between engine protection plate and chassis armor

by:DEFUS     2020-06-17
Engine protection plate is designed according to different models held engine protection device, its design is to prevent the first earth engine, engine heat dissipation due to bad; Second is to drive to prevent impact due to uneven pavement on the engine, engine damage caused by a series of design to extend the service life of the engine, to avoid engine damage due to external factors in the process of travel car broke down. China auto parts below small make up with all of you on the installation engine protection plate what are the advantages and disadvantages? What are the differences between engine protection plate and chassis armor? Installing guard what are the pros and cons of engine protection plate in China there are three main stages: hard plastic, resin, iron and aluminum alloy. Different material types of armor plate, its characteristic is has essential difference. But the only thing must be strictly controlled: guard engine can be normal after sinking it is the most critical problem. The first generation: hard plastic, resin plate. The price is relatively cheap, simple production process, but it's important to note that the material plate easy to broken, especially in winter, itself is easy damaged, broken beyond repair not long-term protection. Advantages: light weight, low price weakness: easy to damage the engine down, because the material itself is bad, so generally will not affect the engine down. The second generation: iron or manganese alloy plate. Need to be aware of is that the choice of the guard plate, the material plate can protect the engine and chassis important parts to a great extent, but the downside is that heavy weight. Advantage: strong impact resistance faults: heavy weight, have obvious resonance noise. Engine sink: affect engine sinking, prone to personal safety hidden trouble. The third generation: aluminum alloy protection board, the so-called 'titanium alloy plate in the market. Its characteristic is light weight. Advantages: light weight faults: aluminum prices in general, because the titanium price is too high, so basic it is made of aluminum, no real titanium alloy plate on the market, the strength is not high in collision is not easy to reset, have resonance phenomenon. Engine sink: affect the engine down, it's easy to have a life safety hazard. Engine protection plate and chassis armor what are the differences between 1. Engine protection plate type belongs to add accessories, the main function is to protect the engine oil pan is not easy to be scratch in the palm. This type of guard the real effect is not big, if you often go to some can consider to put a bad roads. Really want to have very good anti backstops effect or want to spray chassis armor protection, or customize special steel protection package type, on the whole chassis for general use for pure off-road vehicle. Engine protection plate as far as possible choose resin material, not only because of the resin are lighter, more importantly, resin type of guard sank the engine won't produce resistance, in terms of safety, the safety of the resin classes than metals. 2. Chassis armor is actually in the automobile chassis there spraying a layer 2 ~ 4 mm mm thick elastic sealing material, this material can form solidified, formed in the automobile chassis there ten percent armor like protective film. The current common chassis armor processing using only a single flexible resin material or asphalt material. 3 m professional chassis armor materials are composed of performance of four kinds of distinctive products, adopt the method of multi-layer spray coverage, realizing the function of multiple protection; Have high adhesion, high abrasion resistance, impact resistance, ( High elasticity) , rust corrosion resistance, noise reduction, comprehensive function. Chassis armor they need to reach a certain thickness to prevent palm, otherwise and antirust paint. 3 m chassis armor material points a lot of kinds, the role of various materials, advantage is adhesion performance is strong, the natural conditions are not fall off, also fine special knock against, and to provide life-long free maintenance, after the palm material loss can fill free spray. Most European America is original factory supporting the use of 3 m chassis armor materials, 3 m using elastic rubber material, healthy environmental protection. Spraying parts of the chassis armor is more comprehensive than seal model, including wheel parts and internal insulation board, insulation tire noise reduction wheel parts of spraying. To better protect the car chassis, chassis the scheme determination of armored please combined with the three conditions, the first is the original protection status of the chassis ( Corresponding spraying quantity) And the second is the motion of the vehicle road ( City road, highway, construction site, drive protection requirements for chassis is not the same) , the third is to the function of the chassis armor ( Corresponding to the spray type and quantity) 。 Engine protection plate well advised to choose a resin material, resin material plate in use process will not have a metal resonance, in case of an emergency will not affect other engine sink. What are the pros and cons of more than about 'engine protection plate? Engine protection plate armor and chassis what are the differences between 'the content of the small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention.
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