What are the role of the clutch

by:DEFUS     2020-06-17
The clutch is located in the engine and gearbox between the flywheel shell, with screw will be fixed in the clutch assembly after the flywheel plane, is the input shaft from the gearbox output shaft of clutch. In the process of the car, the driver can use on the or release the clutch pedal, the engine and gearbox temporary separation and joint gradually, to cut off or transfer the engine to the transmission input power. Clutch is commonly used in mechanical transmission parts, can drive system separation or engage at any time. The basic requirements are: smooth joint, separation quickly and thoroughly; Easy to adjust and repair; Outside the profile size small; The quality of small; Good abrasion resistance and have enough cooling capacity; Convenient save Labour, commonly divided into two categories, tooth type and friction type. Define the Clutch, commonly known as son to Hong Kong, this is from English Clutch, Taiwan's words are often from seed or Japanese ク ラ ッ チ said, is to put the car or other machinery engine power to switch the device that is passed on to the axle. Clutch is installed between the engine and transmission, car in the drive train is directly linked to the engine assembly. Usually clutch with flycoheel is installed in the engine crankshaft, is cut off and transmission between engine and vehicle drive train dynamic components. Car moving the entire process, from scratch to the driver can according to the need to control the clutch, make the engine and transmission system temporarily separation or joint gradually, to cut off or transfer engine to the transmission output power. Its role is to make the engine and transmission between joint gradually, so as to ensure smooth start of car; Temporarily cut off the connection between the engine and transmission, so that the shift and reduce the shock when shifting; When vehicle emergency braking can separation effect, prevent the gearbox transmission system such as overload, thus play a protective role. Clutch is similar to the switch, joint or break away from the power transfer function, clutch gear its active part and the driven part can temporarily separation, and can gradually joint, and also in the process of transmission could be relative rotation. Between the clutch active pieces with follower cannot adopt rigid connection. Any form of automobile clutch device, just different form. Function ensure smooth start of car it is a primary function of the clutch. In front of the car started, natural to starting the engine. And when the car started, the car is completely stationary states gradually accelerated. If the drive train ( It is linked to the whole car) And engine to contact rigidity, hang up a gear, transmission, cars will be suddenly rushed forward, but it does not start. This is because when the car from static to the former, has great inertia, did a lot of drag torque of engine. Under the action of the inertial torque, the engine speed has fallen sharply to the lowest stable speed in transient time ( General 300 - 500RPM) The following, the engine is shut down and cannot work, of course, car can't start. Therefore, we need help from the clutch. Before the start after the engine starting, the car, the driver on the clutch pedal, clutch, make the engine and transmission system off, then hang up transmission gear, then gradually the clutch pedal, clutch joint gradually. Stuck in the process of joint, the engine torque increases gradually, therefore, should be gradually on the accelerating pedal at the same time, the gradual increase of engine fuel supply, keep the engine speed has always been on the lowest stable speed, without stalling. At the same time, due to the clutch joint close degree increases gradually, the engine by transmission to drive the wheel torque will increase gradually, the traction enough to overcome the initial resistance, the car is starting from the static movement and gradually accelerated. To achieve smooth shift in the process of the car, in order to adapt to changing conditions, drive train often need to change a different gear to work. Realize the shift of the gear transmission, general 6 gear or other shift, make the original launch of a gear pair with gear, make another gear gear pair into the work. Must before the shift on the clutch pedal, interrupt power transmission, easy to make the original gear meshing pair off, at the same time make the speed of new gear meshing pair meshing area gradually incline to synchronization, so enter the meshing impact can be greatly reduced, so as to realize the smooth shift. 3, to prevent the transmission of overload when vehicle during emergency braking, if there is no clutch, the engine will sharply reduce the speed by and drivetrain rigid connection, thus all moving parts will produce very big inertia moment ( Its value may be considerably more than the engine work normally when the maximum torque) made by Of the drive system, more than its load carrying capacity, and make the parts damaged. Had the clutch, can rely on the clutch active part and the driven part of relative motion between to eliminate this danger. Therefore, we need to limit the transmission of the clutch on the maximum torque, to ensure safety.
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