What are the role of the grease? What are the grease classification

by:DEFUS     2020-06-22
English name: grease lubricatinggrease; Grease a thick grease semi solid. Used in the mechanical friction parts, lubrication and sealing effect. Also used for metal surface, fill gaps and antirust effect. Is mainly composed of mineral oil ( Or synthetic lubricating oil) Modulation and thickener. Below small make up and what are we explain the role of the grease? Grease classification have? What are the role of the grease role mainly lubricating grease, protect and seal. Most used in lubricating grease, called anti-friction grease. And also to prevent metal corrosion protection, and the sealing dust. There are some grease is mainly used to prevent metal rust or corrosion, referred to as the protection of grease. Such as industrial vaseline, there are a few special grease for sealing, known as the sealing grease, such as thread compound. Grease is mostly half solid material, has a unique liquidity. The working principle of the grease is thickener will remain in the position of need lubricating oil, a load, thickener will release oil, lubrication effect thereby. At room temperature and static state when it is like solid, can maintain their shape and do not flow, can stick on the metal without slipping off. In the high temperature or by external force is above a certain threshold, it is like liquid flow can produce. Grease the moving parts in mechanical shearing action, it can produce flow and lubrication, reduce the friction between the moving surface and wear. After the shearing action to stop, it can restore a certain consistency, the mobility of the special grease, decide it can be not suitable for using the part of the lubricating oil lubrication. In addition, because it is a semi solid material, the sealing effect and protective effect is better than the lubricating oil. What are the varieties of complex grease grease classification, brand is various, class work is very important. Originally used as thickener to classify GB501 a 65 cannot meet the demand of the development and use of grease, has announced on April 1, 1988. GB7631。 8 a stipulated in accordance with the requirements of use, 90 classification system of grease, equivalent to the classification system adopted ISO classification method, has been replaced GB501 a 65. Production sales and use of grease has not yet been fully incorporated into the new classification system. Therefore, to illustrate different classification system of the old and new concrete, it is necessary to compare and contrast the old and new classification system. 1, the old GB501 - classification 65 GB501 a 65 is classified by thickener components, namely, soap base grease, hydrocarbon fat fat, inorganic and organic fat four classes. Soap base, in accordance with the quantities of different soap is divided into single soap base, such as calcium, sodium, lithium base, aluminum, barium, lead, and other base; Mix with soap base, such as calcium, sodium, calcium aluminum, lead, barium, aluminum barium base; Calcium complex soap base, such as composite, composite aluminum and so on a number of groups. Such as a number of groups. The new classification GB7631. 8 a 90 the classification standard is suitable for lubrication of various equipment, machinery parts, automobile, etc all kinds of grease, does not apply to special purpose grease. That is to say, applies only to the lubrication grease, sealing and protection of the function of special grease are not applicable. The classification criteria are classified according to operating conditions. In this standard classification system, a corresponding grease a code, the code and the grease in the application of the most stringent operating conditions ( Temperature, water pollution and load conditions, etc. ) Corresponding. In fact, GB7631. 8 a 90 is only provide grease grouping according to the operating conditions of a code, the code is made up of five capital English letters. More about 'the role of the grease have? Classification of grease what 'the content of the small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention.
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