What are the symptoms bearing failure? How to select bearing grease

by:DEFUS     2020-06-18
Bearing ( 轴承) It is a kind of important parts in the modern machinery and equipment. Its main function is to support the mechanical rotator, reduce the friction coefficient in the movement process, and ensure its rotation accuracy. China auto parts below small make up and you explain what are bearing fault phenomenon? How to select bearing grease? What are bearing fault phenomenon of rolling bearing fault performance usually has two kinds, one is bearing parts of the temperature is too high, the second is bearing makes a noise during operation. The cause of the damage is rolled metal poor ( Cannot recover after a deformation) Poor, shock resistance, fatigue resistance performance is poor, the load is too large, and so on. Cheep 'sound, like the sound of metal friction, serious when may also can feel the vibration of the steering wheel. The voice of the om '; Dong 'sound; 4, if there is a phenomenon of deviation of vehicle running, there are but because of the pressure bearing damage caused by the results. How to choose 1, bearing grease temperature in order to obtain good lubrication effect and longer working life, according to the bearing are usually advised when standard operating range of temperature to choose grease. And the working temperature range and high temperature stability of the grease depending on the type of thickening agent and base oil and proportion, production quality and production process. Other factors to consider include high applicable temperature, drop point ( Grease heating under prescribed conditions, reaches a certain temperature of liquid, known as drop point) , as well as the low temperature as well. 2, the speed should be with the speed of the bearing grease parameters match. Which mainly depends on the thickener and the type of base oil and proportion. The speed parameters of the grease is not a material parameters, but depend on the type of bearing and the short run time. Generally speaking, high speed or low starting torque need to select the high speed parameters of the rolling bearing grease. And low speed rolling bearing is recommended to choose a lower speed parameters of grease. 3, load due to the size of the grease cone into the degree of relationship to use can bear the load, load should choose cone into the large degree of small, Consistency is bigger) The grease; If is under heavy load and impact load, should choose to contain grease of extreme pressure additives such as grease containing molybdenum disulfide. 4, seal if there is a rigid impurity particles penetrate into the bearing, not only causes noise increases, and the resulting wear and tear. Bearing the appropriate seal can prevent this from happening. And can pass on the sealing grease to add a layer of protection to enhance the sealing effect. In this case, should choose more reliable type of grease. 5, environmental moisture if the work environment is wet, water invasion bearing easily. If the temperature quenching heat, water, also easy to condense. When the bearing or shell has a big hole, the problem is particularly prominent. Water may cause serious damage to or bearing grease, usually by aging, hydrolysis, lubricating film and corrosion. Barium composite and composite calcium base grease can provide good waterproof performance, this already through the authentication in practice. The corrosion of the grease is also affected by the additive effect. 6, oscillation oscillation, impact and vibration load to the structure of grease thickener in produce very big effect. If the mechanical stability of the grease is not high, the lubrication effect will be affected. Leading to soften, deoiling, or hardening of the grease and lubricating ability is reduced. So choose mechanical stability after corresponding tests of grease. 7, bearing type need to distinguish between point contact ( Ball bearing) And the line contact ( Needle roller bearings and cylindrical bearing) 。 For the ball bearing, ball movement of the contact area is relatively small, usually have enough grease base oil viscosity ISOVG68 to 100. Line contact rolling bearings have higher request for grease. Not only because the contact area need more grease, and sliding and friction. This is bad for lubrication film formation, which can easily lead to wear and tear. Should choose the higher base oil viscosity ( ISOVG150 to 460 or higher) The grease. May also need to add the anti-wear additives, consistency for NLGI2. What are the phenomenon above about 'bearing failure? How to choose the content of the 'small make up bearing grease is introduced to here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention.
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