What are the working principle of car camera? What are the performance of the car camera

by:DEFUS     2020-06-23
Car camera is on a car that is applied to the video acquisition device, referring to the car rearview camera, together with the in-car display images combined into a complete set of reverse system, can see the car after the real-time video image while backing. Next and everybody about the working principle of car camera have? The performance of the car camera have? What are the working principle of car camera camera power on the back tail lights, when hung into the reverse camera synchronous power supply into the working state, the video information collected through wireless transmitter sends at the front end of wireless receiver, the receiver video information by AVIN interface to the GPS navigator, so, when the receiver receives the signal, the GPS navigator in any a kind of interface, will give priority in used for backing up the LCD screen video images. Car camera classification is divided into special cameras and general cameras, special camera need to license plate lamp down a then Ann under the license plate lamp, general camera is divided into punch and suspension, punch is near the photo stiletto installation also does not affect the beautiful; Is hanging with special glue in the back. Is light sensitive chip classification can be divided into: CMOS and CCD, the CCD chip prices are higher, more natural clarity. Core components of car camera 1, image chip: CCD and CMOS image chip is formed as an important part of the camera after reversing, according to different components can be divided into the CCD and CMOS. CMOS is mainly used in the lower image quality of products, it has the advantage of manufacturing cost, low power consumption compared with CCD, the higher requirements of the light source fault is CMOS camera; CCD, high-end technology is applied in the field of photography, camera device also comes with video capture card. CCD and CMOS and performance of the technology gap is very big, in general, the CCD effect is better, but the price is expensive, suggested that without considering cost under the premise of choice of CCD camera. 2, lens: the main is a major part of the lighting, in order for the light, can let more orderly and vertical distribution in light sensitive chip surface. What are the performance of the car camera 1, clarity: clarity is one of the important indicators of the camera. In general, the product with high resolution the better the quality of the image will be, the resolution in 420 lines of products has become the mainstream of the rearview camera products, 380 line if good can also choose to debug. There's a better chip 480 lines, 600 lines, 700 lines, etc. But according to each camera chip level is different, the different sensor, including debugging technician level, the same chip the same level of the quality of the product may present results will vary, and depends on what kind of use, good materials, image rendering effect will be better, on the contrary, the product with high resolution night vision effect will be more of a discount. 2, night vision effect: night vision effect is related to product definition, the higher the resolution of product night vision effect is not very good, this is because the cause of the chip itself, but good quality products have night vision function, and won't image objects look like effect, although the color will be worse, but it is not a problem to clear. Darned if there are infrared night-vision light or white light LED light, night vision more clearly visible in the evening. 3, waterproof effect, rearview camera must have waterproof function, so that we can better protect the camera, prolong the life of rearview camera. 4, shock-proof dust-proof: rearview camera has a shockproof, dustproof function if it is not very clear is a cloth to clean the lens surface. More about 'what are the working principle of car camera? What are the performance of the car camera 'all contents, hope useful for everyone.
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