What brand car car horn honking horns brand is good

by:DEFUS     2020-06-24
What brand car car horn honking horns brand, what brand of car horn? Which brand of car horn is the best? What car horn has the best quality? Next, the editor will list the most popular and the most famous brand of car horn. Car honking horns, Bosch Bosch brand 1 since 1919, has developed a warning system can produce continuous uniform tone, also drives the Bosch first speaker was born. Since then, Bosch has developed a lot of kinds of speakers, including dual pressure snail horn, and compressed air horn. For a long time, Bosch speakers always with high quality standards and coherent known for its innovative design. 2, alpine alpine electronics co. , LTD. Was founded in Beijing in 1994, the child was founded according to the 'excellent quality, excellent design, perfect function' of the pursuit, in car audio industry, the alpine brand also received recognition and attention. 3, meister meister is meister electronics ( Hong Kong) Authorized in mainland China co. , LTD. , holding, use the brand, not a line of big shop sign, but it depends on the quality of the real preempted the market. What brand car horn good products sold by 4, the pioneer of pioneer China including home audio products, car audio, car navigation products and commercial film and television system. Home audio products including DVD recorders, DVD players, BD players, one-piece home theater, home theater, power amplifier, speakers, headphones, and the world's advanced plasma TV. Car audio products have AV system, CD player, speaker system, car audio power amplifier system, etc. Integration of AV DVD navigation GPS navigation products, advanced information navigation functions such as real-time traffic service and powerful video entertainment together, to the field of Chinese automotive multimedia opened a new era. Commercially available products include IT related products and CDJ tuning system, etc. 5, SONY is Japan's a world well-known large-scale comprehensive multinational enterprise group. SONY is the world's audiovisual, video games, communication products and information technology in areas such as the forerunner, the pioneer is the world's first portable digital products, is one of the world's largest fuel injector manufacturer of electronic products. 6, hi hi car horn products have been trusted by peers and customers consistent and attention, hi car horn has high resolution and low distortion such as style, sound accurate, sound fruity, broad sound field, with no reservations details again, let you feel the real music. 7, strength LangJin waves came from the French brand, jin waves rolled out 'Access1 series, a total of eight car speakers on the market by the vast number of consumers love. Access1 series speaker represents the Focal ( Jin sea) Companies listed on the cheap and fine value product series, its quality is unprecedented in the field of the market. 8, the sound of the acoustic electronic technology co. , LTD. Is in xiamen city, is an excellent auto parts manufacturers, important is to introduce the advanced technology and standard, and cooperation is committed to automotive electric horn, wiper auto parts, such as research and development, production and sales. What brand car horn good 1, 2, JBL pioneer car horn car horn 3, the fifth element car horn 4, hi car horn, SONY car horn 6, 5 alpine car horn 7, the dragon on the car horn, panasonic car horn 8 August, strength the wave source car horn, blue car horn 10 Chinese brands net reprint please indicate the source
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