What car can use mineral oil? What are the mineral oil can choose

by:DEFUS     2020-06-16
We begin with the oil of the mineral oil. If you want to know which fuel injector manufacturer of mineral oil well, or you want to know your car can use mineral oil. What and everybody about the car can use mineral oil? What are the mineral oil can choose? What car can use mineral oil whether your car is suitable for using mineral oil, there are two conditions, 1, car use frequency and range of; 2, the level of the car engine and emission requirements. Under normal circumstances, mineral oil can change every 5000 km or every 6 months. That is to say, if your vehicle itself half range within 5000 kilometers, can consider to choose to use a mineral oil. In meet the engine lubrication and protection at the same time, also make the vehicle maintenance more economy and mineral oil is suitable for itself lower vehicle emissions requirements, such as tens of thousands of yuan micro, small and affordable vehicles. Because the car engine itself is not strong, the oil effect formed by the attenuation of power down feeling also is not strong. Naturally affect driving experience is also not big, even you don't feel change. So these kinds of models can choose mineral oil, the car economization. Why use a mineral oil said: why do you want to use mineral oil, in fact, there is only one reason - — Cheap. Because the market in the sale of oil, mineral oil is generally cheaper than semisynthetic - 20% All synthetic engine oil 30%, more than 40% cheaper 50%. If the driving experience, power output, engine maintenance does not affect or impact is very low, to choose cheaper mineral oil is a wise choice. Is what my daughter-in-law can save money province, or where money comes from. Mineral oil and synthetic oil in the actual use feeling about the difference between mineral oil and synthetic oil, of those parameters, data, or something. I will not write, anyway write you also don't see, see the also don't understand. Today just tell everyone is the same car, the mineral oil and synthetic oil, after the actual driving experience. There are two aspects of subjective feeling can feel: 1, the output of the power; 2, the engine noise. In terms of power output, early stage of mineral oil with synthetic oil when using the difference is not big. But as time goes on, the power output will be linearly weakened state, after 3000 km can clearly feel the power output is 'meat'. In terms of engine sound noise, using mineral oil to the same car and full into the oil on the decibels of sound won't have too big difference. The only difference is the voice of the shape of using synthetic oil engine sound is more beautiful than the mineral oil voice stronger. Colleagues about the change of the engine sound, there is a very interesting: the sound when using mineral oil is dissolute wave, using synthetic engine oil is repressed and low moans. What mineral oil can choose good, pull a lot of, I believe you have the mineral oil has a certain understanding of the so-called. What are the popular on the market of mineral oil can be to choose from? 1, shell yellow heineken HX5 shell's yellow heineken has two models, the model of HX5 and HX6 respectively. The former is mineral oil, the latter is half a synthetic engine oil, we should pay attention to when buy. 10 w - HX5 viscosity grades are 40 ( What is the oil viscosity grade? ) SL/CF, API grade, ACEA levels for A2 ( What are the API and ACEA level? ) 。 The use of shell yellow heineken HX5 mileage is 5000 km, or half a year, but the 4 l online price is about 130 yuan or so. Shell yellow heineken feeling is the most people choose to use a mineral oil, its characteristic is to have special power clean dispersion factor, can break down the inside of the engine oil dirties and carbon deposition, long-term use can keep engine clean inside. 2, castrol Jin Jia protect castrol Jin Jia viscosity is 10 w - protection 40, API level for SN, did not indicate the ACEA level. Use the mileage is 5000 km or half a year, 4 l put online is the official price 228 yuan, but in activity promotion price 130 yuan. Castrol Jin Jia protection feature is the use of the strong resistance of sludge formula, protect engine sludge damage resistance, make sure that your engine health. 3, mobil speed bully 1000 mobil speed bully engine oil viscosity for 10 w - 1000 40, API SM grade, did not indicate the ACEA level. Use the mileage is 5000 km or half a year, 4 l of online shopping is about 120 yuan. The Great Wall in 4, the Great Wall vitara J400 vitara series has three oil products, respectively is total synthesis, semisynthesis and mineral oil, the corresponding models are respectively J600, J500, J400. The Great Wall vitara mineral oil viscosity is 10 w - J400 40, API level for SJ, did not indicate the ACEA level. Use the mileage is 5000 km, or half a year, the price of 4 l with online is about 108 yuan or so. 5, AC deco AC deco mineral oil viscosity mineral oil for 10 w - 40, API level is SJ, ACEA is A3. Use the mileage is 5000 km or half a year, 4 l of online price is about 155 yuan or so. Conclusion: the oil of the more important parameter is actually the viscosity and types. Vehicles used engine oil viscosity, manufacturers were specified when car factory. So when an oil change, you want to focus on only the mineral oil, synthetic oil and synthetic engine oil with which the problem. If only the pursuit of efficiency, and car use frequency is not high, can choose mineral oil. More about 'what car can use mineral oil? What are the mineral oil can choose 'all content, hope useful for everyone.
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