What car is prevented bask in the working principle of the curtain? What are the characteristics of automobile sunscreen curtain system

by:DEFUS     2020-06-16
Car is prevented bask in the benefit of the curtain is: keep out sunshine, make function area light could not enter into the car, to a certain extent, have the effect that reduce the heat inside the car, and leather seats and avoid the dashboard by ultraviolet light, in addition, there are increasing the function of the privacy, outside, inside the car is not clear, can increase the safety factor, if you need better protection for the car, or suggest explosion-proof heat insulation membrane, to provide better protection for car, the following China's auto parts network weaving and everyone explain what car is prevented bask in the working principle of the curtain? What are the characteristics of automobile sunscreen curtain system? Car what prevent bask in the working principle of the curtain curtain its basic function is to protect the owner's personal privacy and sun block dust, and other functions, but traditional you must manually to pull the curtain, a day early on night off is quite troublesome, especially the big curtain villa or double room, heavier, and long, need a great deal of power to switch the curtain, is not very convenient; Then electric curtain get rapid development in recent years, and is widely used in intelligent building, senior apartments, hotels and villas and other fields, as long as gently press the remote control, the curtain is automatically open and close ( The shutters can automatically rotate) Electric curtains, very convenient; Using intelligent electric curtain control system can realize the time switch of the curtain, scene control and other advanced control functions, really make the curtain of modern household a bright scenery line. A, principle it by a motor to drive the curtain back and forth along the rail movement, or through a set of mechanical device turn the shutter, and control of the motor is FanZhuanLai. The core of which is the motor, the motor brand on the market now and a lot of more phyletic, but in the end is nothing more than two broad categories: ac motor and dc motor, electric curtain. Second, the implementation way to achieve automatic control curtain should choose the curtain controller, the output of the AC220V voltage, can control ac curtain motor and reversing, pay attention to the connection process don't make any mistakes. Terminal 'L' after the 220 v power cord wire; Terminal 'N' zero line of 220 v power cord; Output '1' is a terminal after motor phase; Output terminal '2' after motor phase inversion. To adjust the stroke of good machine, the user window length is different, it's on the track of the curtain motor operating range of adjustment ( The shutters generally rotate 90 degrees) , specific adjustment method please refer to the manufacturers instructions of the machine. The next job is to give it sets the address according to your demand, so that you can through a variety of transmitter to control the curtains. Now in the market have a lot of curtain of dc motor, it is how to control? Directly with the curtain controller dc motor, the results will certainly put the motor burn out. Next we introduce curtain of dc motor control. For the curtain of dc motor, just adding two relays. When the choose and buy should pay attention to, the curtain controller output is AC220V, relay coil is AC220V must be used, or it will burn out. Car sun curtain system applicability: what are the characteristics of 1, has many different archives opening and closing speed, can choose different speeds of different occasions. Power, can be manually opened and closed system. 2, security: curtain drive device is equipped with reliable safety security protection device, users can rest assured use. ( Electric curtains) 3, compatibility: the system is equipped with manual, remote control, intelligent control button. When fully open or closed curtain, the drive to stop the work in time. Linear motor technology as a new technology, new and high technology since the advent, has received extensive attention of the society from all walks of life, and with its own technical characteristics has radically changed the traditional things in people's minds. 4, intelligent: system timing controller can advance automatically opened and closed many times within 24 hours of Settings. In case of you go out, the system will automatically according to your habits at the same time every day opened and closed the curtain, to ensure safety. In addition, through the system for the remote control and special position, the receiver shall be set in the system equipment can alone or control different curtain system at the same time. Warm prompt: choose an appropriate cover car sunscreen is also a good choice! Car sun protection cover can keep the temperature of the car is always in the most comfortable feeling, also can prevent ultraviolet light, infrared and other harmful light source for car interior. More about 'what car is prevented bask in the working principle of the curtain? Automobile sunscreen curtain system what are the characteristics of the contents of the 'small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention.
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