What do you mean how long change gear oil gear oil

by:DEFUS     2020-06-25
How long what gear oil gear oil in time, today, ) Small make up to you how long from what is called gear oil gear oil in a solution, hope you can like it. What is gear oil gear oil is the vehicle transmission and driving axle gear transmission mechanism need lubricating oil, gear oil quality will not only affect the normal operation of spare parts, also will affect the service life of the car. If there is no change in time also can cause the vehicle's safety hidden trouble, a direct threat to the owner's life. Automobile gear oil is therefore need to be replaced regularly on a regular basis, so in general how long automobile gear oil change? Below small make up just to give you a detailed analysis. Automobile gear oil is a high viscosity lubricating oil, oil lubricant base oil or synthetic lubricating oil is given priority to, to join the extreme pressure antiwear agent and oily agent modulation and become an important kind of lubricating oil. Used for various gear transmission devices, in order to prevent the tooth surface wear, abrasion, sintering, etc. , prolong its service life, improve the efficiency of transmission power. Vehicle gear oil performance classification and viscosity classification method. Classification of gear oil in our country old classification of vehicle gear oil are classified according to the former Soviet union standard. Ordinary gear oil 100 degrees according to the kinematic viscosity is divided into three grades 20, 26, 30. Hyperbolic gear oil 100 degrees according to the kinematic viscosity is divided into 18, 22, 26, 28 four grades. Now, in accordance with the quality in our country is divided into three categories: general vehicle gear oil ( CLC) Vehicle gear oil, medium load ( CLD) , heavy duty vehicle gear oil ( CLE) 。 Gear oil level classification, according to the American petroleum institute ( api) Standards, can be divided into the gl - 1、gl- 2、gl- 3、gl- 4、gl- 5、gl- 6 quality levels, such as wheel oil has a corresponding quality level label on the outer packing. Gear oil at 100 ℃ kinematic viscosity and apparent viscosity of 150000 mpa. S highest use temperature regulation, is divided into 75 w, 75 w / 90, 80 w / 90, 85 w / 90, 90, 140 and 85 w / 140 seven viscosity grade ( Brand) 。 How long is the gear oil in a normal service five thousand kilometers (oil change Contain oil filter) Once, once every ten thousand kilometers in air filter. Fifteen thousand kilometers in a fuel filter, if aging rupture, serious damage to the engine, oil is to consider the reliability and durability of line by the user. If you plan to more than 20000 km to change the oil must remember 10000 km when an oil change. Despite the necessity and economy of every 5000 m km engine oil change can give maximum protection. If normal, 5000 kilometers, or once every three months to change the motor oil, 30000 km a year, or change direction of wave tank, engine oil, brake oil, check the water tank, fan belt, 6 - Replace the timing belt in 80000 kilometers, generally don't have to change the chain, fifty thousand companies in points of fire, accident unless it is broken. 3 - 50000 kilometers check the spark plug, spark plug gap is 0. 8 mm, more than adjust or change, the original brake can normal use of 50000 km, 2 - after replacement 30000 km to check, gray or coaster party except general for 3 months in a 5000 to 10000 kilometers, the best if you don't often open it for 3 months in a normal oil change period is 5000 km, if you drive less than 5000 km, must be in half a year, this is the most correct. Automobile gear oil, such as by regular oil change, oil change period according to the product quality and the conditions of use and the corresponding provisions; General new gear oil change is in commonly 1500 km or so for the first time, in order to timely release early wear particles; The second is about 3000 km; 16000 - in the future About 24000 km. That is how long is the small make up to bring us what gear oil gear oil in time, hope to be of service, pay more attention to the accessories of knowledge information please ( )
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