What does car cleaner cleaner is how to use the car

by:DEFUS     2020-06-21
What does car cleaner cleaner is how to use the car? Many different kinds of indoor cleaning, some require water cleaning, to clean out some direct spray indoors, but must be clean with a towel. Use too wet cloth can make the pile was too wet to dry dry and cause water damage or moldy. For water damage, you can use the indoor cleaner to undertake cleanness. How to use car cleaner interior cleaner ways of using very simple, just spray it on the wet towel, and then to the interior a polished. Cleaner can be used first when cleaning the dust on the top of the pile suck, use dry wet cloth gently cleansing the whole pile top surface, and then let the pile top natural dry. Car interior cleaner use of the method is: use interior cleaner, against the open to use water, general advice a cap cleaner against a dish of water. Interior cleaning steps are as follows: 1, from the preparation: brushes, bamboo sticks, toilet paper, dilute good detergent, leather protectant, towels, a few; 2, use cleaner spray on the ceiling, Ceiling if soft) , wait until the bubble breaking down, single direction wipe with a clean wet towel, towel dirty should be replaced immediately or cleaning; 3, then clean the instrument desk, all-around water to add brush towel, outlet and other small corner of towels and cleaning with bamboo sticks, ashtray direct water cleaning; 4, to clean the seat, if there is seat cover can remove the clean, soft material seat is not very good clean, there are currently no effective method, but can try bubble clean with a clean towel. Car cleaners have what effect? , car cleaners: mainly consists of surface active agent, bactericides, polishing agent, import searches and unique light factors such as ceramic tile made from high-tech environmental protection technology of liquid detergent; Has strong decontamination and penetration, sterilizing and polishing brightness and such features. Can quickly clean automobile glass surface, baffle, car body, etc. Automotive cleaner can remove the paste on the surface of the glass tape, label, and can remove the wheel around, fenders, bumpers, car body oil and all kinds of tools. Automobile detergent after use can also form a thin film to protect the paint. In addition, the car interior cleaner is cleaning the car's chemical fiber, wood, leather, cloth, velvet, engineering plastic and other products, Such as ceiling, seats, instrument desk, carpet, etc. ) . Product features 1, simple easy to use. 2, equipped with clean scraper, quickly remove stubborn stains. 3, the magic of cleaning effect can be seen everywhere. 4, after using can form film to protect the paint. 5, can easily clean the glass paste on the surface of the tape and labeling. Second, detergent: mainly of surface active agent, surface active agent is a molecular structure containing hydrophilic group and oil-based two parts of organic compounds. Is generally based on the surfactant can be decomposed into ions in aqueous solution, and it can be divided into ionic surfactant and nonionic surfactant two kinds big. And ionic surfactants, anionic surfactants and cationic surfactants can be divided into three kinds of zwitterionic surfactant. Attention should be paid to the following points: (science use detergent 1) To select the appropriate cleaning products for different purposes. Such as choice of kitchen cleaner with washing and disinfecting function, and for alkaline detergent. ( 2) Choose a product of normal manufacturer. Normal fuel injector manufacturer product tags usually show that instructions, standards, net content, the site of factory, shelf life etc. ( 3) Strictly in accordance with the requirements of the instruction manual use, to prevent the occurrence of accidents. ( 4) Avoid eating, reduce the direct contact with the skin, to reduce the stimulation of respiratory tract. ( 5) Some health cleaning agents has a potential effect on human health and the natural environment, should avoid a lot of abuse.
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