What happens if the clutch three-piece set breaks

by:DEFUS     2020-05-22
Seeing this problem reminded me of a thing that happened 6 years ago. The jitter at the start did not matter, and eventually developed to an unmanageable level. At that time, there was a glory in the factory for delivery. The previous driver was also an old driver of the car, and the technology was nothing to say. The delivery is on time and safe. There are no tickets and accidents. The car is also well picked up. It is waxed every three to five times. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the car. If you don't say it, no one believes that this is a full-time delivery car. But the good times didn't last long. The driver resigned after getting married. The driver then had a major accident within a few days and the car was badly damaged. Not to mention the traffic conditions, the doors leaked and there were abnormal noises everywhere. Due to the poor driver skills, the clutch also went wrong within a few days, shaking at the start, and the more it shook, the worse. In the end, the shaking is really serious. I can't start by relying on the throttle to lift the clutch, otherwise it will give you the peak of life. One day a customer came to borrow a car to return to his hometown to worship his ancestor. Because there are so many people that his car can't sit down, I want to borrow it because I think the car in our factory is clean. So he lent him the car. The customer was obviously a little surprised when he received the car, because he didn't know what the car had experienced in two months, but he had no choice but to drive away. Fortunately, it was good to return the car the next morning, but the customer didn't drive it until the third morning. When I stopped the car, I complained: I just drove to the ground (the customer's hometown was rural, and the ancestral grave was in the farmland). The clutch broke, and it was useless to step on the clutch. Later, after strenuous efforts, he ran to the village and found a tractor to be dragged to the repair shop. Then the customer took out a receipt and the replaced clutch pressure plate and release bearing. The total maintenance fee is 290 yuan, which of course can't be let out by the customer. This is a living example, because the initial jitter was caused by uneven wear of the clutch pressure plate diaphragm spring due to the broken bearing, which would result in different deformation of the diaphragm spring when the clutch is stepped on. The pressing force is uneven, and it will jitter when you start. Later, because there was no control, so every step on the clutch was accompanied by wear of the diaphragm spring of the pressure plate. There is no way to push the pressure plate, and the clutch cannot be disengaged. Of course, this is only the starting jitter caused by the separation bearing, not all starting jitter will cause such serious consequences. Later, after changing the clutch pressure plate and the separation bearing, the car started shaking again about a year later. In order to find the cause of the problem, I followed the car once. It turned out that this driver loves to use semi-coupling, and the speed is obvious every time I start. It is estimated that a long period of half-coupling caused the surface of the clutch plate to be burnt out, and the friction coefficient decreased leading to the start jitter. Later, I drove for a while, and every time I started, I started with the big throttle quick release clutch. I wanted to use this impact to remove the hard blocks on the surface of the clutch plate. As a result, it took effect in about a week. But the good times didn't last long, and the driver started shaking again a few days after driving. Later, I changed the driver. Therefore, the initial jitter depends on what caused it. If the separation bearing is damaged and the pressure plate diaphragm spring is injured, it must be dealt with in time. Otherwise, the pressure plate will wear out and the clutch will fail, and the delay will not be said, which greatly affects safety. . If the clutch plate has a problem that causes the start to shake, you can replace the clutch plate, or you can change the bad car habits. After grinding the clutch hard block for a while, you will return to normal. Of course, there is another kind of jitter that is not a malfunction. That is, when the accelerator pedal is stepped down at the beginning, the engine jitter is caused by insufficient power, which is a good solution.
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