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What happens when the spark plug was broken?


Automobiles are a very common item with great wear and tear, especially in the area of maintenance. The maintenance costs of thousands of dollars are easy to deal with. Next, the editor will explain what happens when the spark plug was broken and the types of it.

What happens when the spark plug was broken

Many car owners say that they know the car and understand the car, but when they talk about some car details, they may not be able to answer it. Taking this small spark plug as an example, many car owners have a vague concept of their use. One day When there was a problem with my car and I went to the repair shop for repairs, the repair master picked up a car spark plug and told you, this guy is broken, and it can’t be used anymore. You can only spend money to solve the problem, so the editor is nagging with everyone today, the role and duration of this little spark plug.

Normally, the replacement of a spark plug requires hundreds of dollars, because the role of the spark plug is to represent the performance and fuel consumption of the car engine, and the key performance is ignition.

The working principle of the spark plug is to introduce high-voltage electricity into the cylinder to generate electric sparks to ignite the air and fuel in the cylinder, so that the car can get enough power to start. Generally, the number of spark plugs for each engine is It is determined according to the number of cylinders. One spark plug only works on one cylinder, so that it is easy to tell which part of the spark plug is broken.

The replacement cycle of spark plugs is also different. The determinants are mainly divided into two categories: one is the material of the spark plug, and the other is the performance of the engine.

What are the types of spark plugs

1. Nickel-chromium spark plug. The material is of ordinary grade and the price is cheap, but the service life is quite short. It is generally suitable for family cars. Usually it needs to be replaced once after driving for 2 years or after the car has driven for 40,000 kilometers.

2. Platinum spark plug. The price is more expensive and the service life is longer. The general replacement cycle is about 80,000 kilometers, which is suitable for models with higher power.

3. Iridium spark plug. Like the spark plug made of platinum, it is also more expensive, and has a long service life. The replacement cycle is about 100,000 kilometers in the car, and it is also a model with higher power.

One suggestion to everyone here is that for different spark plugs and replacement cycles, car owners can check their own car maintenance manuals, which is not necessarily the best.

Another problem that needs to be noted is that in the case where the car kilometers have not reached the prescribed replacement spark plugs, it is also necessary to properly replace the spark plug components. For example, the car often has problems such as starting difficulties, abnormal engine jitter, and weak acceleration of the car. It is most likely that there is a problem with the spark plug, and at this time, the problem can be solved by replacing the spark plug. Everyone must also be flexible in their operation, and don’t take a stick to accept it.