What is fatigue driving warning device? What are the fatigue driving warning device characteristic

by:DEFUS     2020-06-24
Due to the people living in the society under high pressure, often for a short period of time while driing drowsiness caused many tragedies, fatigue driving early warning device, can very good solution to this problem. The next and everyone explain what is fatigue driving warning device? Fatigue driving warning device characteristics have? What is fatigue driving warning device fatigue driving warning device is a intelligent equipment for the transportation sector, to address the fatigue driving safety hidden trouble, feeling by means of intelligent video analysis, judgment, human body fatigue state, and on this basis to remind and warning, efficient and practical. Fatigue driving principle of warning device drivers of eye movement characteristics, head movement characteristics such as infer driver fatigue state. Driver information is considered to be eye movement and blinking reflects the important characteristics of fatigue, the blink of an eye, blink frequency and amplitude can be directly used to detect fatigue average closing time. Current research based on eye studed the algorithm there are many kinds of driving fatigue, including PERCLOS widely used algorithm, the percentage of eyelid closure time accounts for a period of time as the measurement of physiological fatigue. Using facial recognition technology position the eyes, nose and mouth, eyes, nose and mouth position, again according to the direction of eye tracking can get the driver attention, and to determine whether a driver's attention. Fatigue driving the use of warning device fatigue driving warning device is a kind of solve fatigue driving safety hidden trouble of intelligent equipment, currently has been widely used in the transportation sector, fatigue driving fatigue driving behavior of warning device for detecting, early warning and intervention intellisense device. The equipment through the way of intelligent video analysis, in view of the human eye closed, expression parsing, to human body to achieve uninterrupted the fatigue status judgment, perception, and on this basis to remind and warning, sound and light alarm prompt local implementation, and can transmit photos, alarm information such as the platform to the background. Rich external interface, also can extend the alcohol detector, detection of drunk driving behavior. Fatigue driving warning device characteristics what 1, all-weather work system. During the day or night, in any weather conditions, the system can make an accurate analysis of the driver's fatigue state. 2, good glasses detection ability. Drivers of general glasses or sunglasses, the system can make an accurate analysis of the driver's fatigue state. 3, the advanced facial recognition technology, is suitable for people of all colors. 4 membrane pupil detection technology, advanced grid, to ensure that every fatigue can be detected and report immediately, even if the driver while sleeping eyes is still open. 5, in addition to monitoring the driver fatigue driving condition and make early warning, MR688 can also send out alarm to avoid not to concentrate on driving and cause accidents, such as the driver did not concentrate on driving and talking to passengers, phone calls, glance left and right or spend too much time to operate audio and navigation systems. 6, MR688 appearance is small and compact, almost does not affect the driver's line of sight. It can be easily installed on the dashboard or drive. 7, ultra-low power consumption. In the 12 v car battery case, the average current is less than 100 ma, in the case of 24 v, the average current is only about 60 ma, with the battery leakage is the same level. So there is no electricity MR688 basically. 8、8 v - Wide working voltage 30 v, suitable for any 12 v or 24 v models, and have good peak voltage protection scheme. More about 'what is the fatigue driving warning device? Fatigue driving warning device characteristics what are the 'complete content, hope useful for everyone.
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