What is the accelerator pedal cars at the foot of the three pedals respectively is what?

by:DEFUS     2020-06-25
What is the accelerator pedal cars at the foot of the three pedals respectively is what? The gas is usually referred to as 'the accelerator'. The driver through the throttle forward and backward control the speed of the vehicle. Can say, power and maneuverability of the vehicle is mainly through the throttle control. 。 For speed control, skilled pilots rely mainly on the accelerator, and novices are often rely on the brake. If throttle control properly, the drive is not only convenient, but also can save fuel, ensure security and extend the life of the vehicle. What is the accelerator pedal gasoline throttle is not control of fuel injection quantity, is to control the size of the throttle opening. Small opening, namely into the cylinder of the mixed gas, so the engine power was low, and that big. Into the cylinder of the mixed gas, the burning issue of the greater the force, the force that moves the pistons is big, the piston movement speed is fast, the engine speed is fast. For gasoline engine, the gas is to control the throttle opening, engine air inflow, trample accelerator, the increase in the number of fresh air into the, ECU control of fuel injection quantity is also increased, so the burning issue of the force will increase, promote the engine speed increases. Automobile engine accelerator, is generally depends on the pedal to control, also known as the accelerator, is the automotive engine control oil supply device. Accelerator pedal control should be in the right heel tread on the cab floor as a fulcrum, the sole light step on the accelerator pedal, with ankle flexed action, tread down or relax. Put on the gas pedal, the strength should be soft, do light step slow. When you start the engine, the accelerator pedal. Step on to the end, slightly higher than the idle speed throttle as well. Started, the oil should be slightly before the clutch linkage point is completed, the throttle opening for small and medium-sized degree is preferred. Relax the clutch should cooperate closely with the throttle, agile. Run, according to road conditions and the actual need to increase or decrease the throttle. Select place to appropriate, make the engine run most of the time in the medium speed and relatively small valve, to save fuel. When shifting with empty oil, clutch, and fit to coordinate on the accelerator pedal. Car uphill shall not tread dead accelerator pedals, with low speed, throttle shall generally be tread down half advisable. When the car downhill, nor will the accelerator pedal stepped to the end. If the accelerator pedal tread down three-quarters of the car and still doesn't increase, engine speed, the range should be in low level, and on the accelerator pedal to accelerate again. Before cars stopped, shut down, should loosen the accelerator pedal, fierce detonation air throttle is not allowed. What is the car at the foot of the three pedals respectively? Automobile clutch in the left, the brake in the throttle copy on the right. Manual automobile clutch, the arrangement of the brake and accelerator is accord with the vast majority of people driving habits, in other words from the operating practices and operation flexibility and driver's comfort, such arrangement is perfect. Most people are much more sensitive than the left foot, right foot dynamics unless you are left-handed, embarks from the reality on the left-handed people rarely. So right foot control the accelerator and brake more sensitive, driving up not setbacks, and from the emergency response ability, is also faster than left foot right foot. When some people began to suspect that his left foot clutch needs more important than his right foot. But compared to trample clutch time and efforts, his right foot to longer. Over time, even if the light on would also be very arduous, the toughness is more developed than the left foot right foot. And from the automobile structure, this arrangement for connecting the engine configuration more reasonable, the closer to the theory of auto meter.
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