What is the automotive cylinder liner material is what

by:DEFUS     2020-06-22
What is the automotive cylinder liner material is what, today, ) Small make up to bring what is automotive cylinder liner material is what answer, hope you can like it. What is the automotive cylinder liner is short for engine cylinder liner, it set in the cylinder block, and the piston and cylinder combustion chamber. Cylinder liner is divided into two types: dry cylinder liner and wet cylinder liner. On the back not contact cooling water jacket is called cylinder liner, and on the back of the contact with the cooling water jacket is wet cylinder liner. Dry cylinder liner thickness thin, simple structure, convenient processing. Direct contact with the wet cylinder liner cooling water, so for engine cooling, small, lightweight in favour of engine. Auto cylinder liner materials is what the cylinder liner material, besides must have enough mechanical strength and heat, must also have good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, oily and lubricity, and one of the most main is to wear. At present, the commonly used material is nodular cast iron cylinder, high phosphorus cast iron and alloy cast iron. Nodular cast iron nodular cast iron cylinder has a density strength pearlitic matrix and the distribution of the spherical graphite, the intensity is twice as tall as ordinary cast iron; The cavitation resistance and abrasion resistance are better than ordinary cast iron. But as the ball fossil ink surface area is lesser, its insurance oily than ordinary cast iron graphite flake distribution difference, and the bad lubrication condition in, it's easy to have a local dry friction and cause 'cylinder'. In order to obtain better lubrication conditions, in the hope that the size of the graphite spheres as small as possible. Nodular cast iron cylinder liner with proper grinding and heat treatment, can get good grinding surface. The shortcoming of ductile cast iron is more complicated than the ordinary cast iron casting technology, the high cost. High phosphorus cast iron cylinder liner general cast iron phosphorus is added ingredient reaches 0. 3 to 0. 8% when called high phosphorus cast iron, formation network distribution of phosphorus in iron ternary eutectic, thus improve the hardness and good abrasion resistance. Its wearability and nodular cast iron cylinder liner is close, but the technology is better than cast iron ball model, save time, and phosphorus can also change the corrosion resistance. The disadvantage of high phosphorus cast iron is: as the phosphorus content increases, material of the brittle, and prone to shrinkage cavity, cause waste. Alloy cast iron cylinder liner is added in the cast iron nickel, chromium, copper, alloy elements such as various kinds of alloy cast iron after get. Adding alloying elements can make material organization even, pearlite density, or promote the carbide forming of high hardness, further improve the strength, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance. Defect is consumes precious metal, alloy cast iron smelting casting process is complex, processing more difficult, the cost is high. In addition, there are: making cylinder liner material calcium iron boron cast iron, rare earth, vanadium titanium cast iron, phosphorus vanadium iron, and the type of cast iron, etc. In some strengthening internal combustion engine, but also adopt nitrided steel to make cylinder liner. Because of the nitrided steel heat resistance and corrosion resistance is very good. At 500 ℃, the hardness of nitrided layer down little, can guarantee in the working temperature of abrasion resistance. In order to improve the wear resistance, corrosion resistance, can also use chrome plating, hardening, spraying molybdenum or other wear-resistant alloy on the surface of the metal processing method. Cylinder liner material and surface treatment, according to the specific use of the internal combustion engine, the degree of reinforcement, and manufacturing costs and other requirements to select service life. For example in use is given priority to with abrasive wear of internal combustion engine cylinder liner tractor, engineering machinery, most of the ductile cast iron, such as high phosphorus cast iron and alloy cast iron to manufacture; For use in abrasive wear is given priority to, at the same time both corrosion and wear of agricultural internal combustion engine cylinder liner, sometimes USES the type cast iron; And abrasive wear is severe, and at the same time produce fuse the wear tendency and large vehicle to strengthen the internal combustion engine, especially the tank internal combustion engine cylinder liner is used more steel to manufacture, and the mirror nitride or chrome plated. The above is the small make up to bring us what is what is automotive cylinder liner material, hope to be of service, pay more attention to the accessories of knowledge information please ( )
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