What is the cause of the white smoke when the car started? White smoke when the car started

by:DEFUS     2020-06-22
Cars on the road will appear all sorts of fault, and the exhaust pipe to take white smoke is also a common situation, whether in the face of white smoke appears to how to deal with? And everybody about the next what is the cause of the white smoke when the car started? White smoke when the car started? What is the cause of the white smoke when the car started first, inside the exhaust all contain water. Secondly the water because the engine exhaust temperature is low, part is water vapor condenses into visible. Third, the air temperature is low, most of the water gas condensation of water vapor, partially cooled exhaust pipe tail, condenses into water droplets. Visible, the engine exhaust temperature work not 'white smoke', the temperature is high, also won't take white smoke. If there are faults will take white smoke. 1, the air filter is dirty, inadequate intake; There is something wrong with the carburetor without DianPenChe carburetor, also may be the exhaust pipe of the oxygen sensor polluted, unable to provide the right information to the distribution of computer. Normal white smoke is due to come out from the exhaust pipe of exhaust gas temperature is higher, the water vapor condenses into water droplets, if is a lot. 2, may be a piston engine broke down, began to burn oil, exhaust gas in the thick white because the content of water exhaust more naturally. Is nothing more than the following two: cause of gasoline in the water too much; Damaged or waterway seal and cylinder liner breakage, cooling water into the cylinder of high temperature gas in cylinder into the oil pan, make oil metamorphic pollution influence lubricating effect, is thinning. 3, the harm is obvious. So add oil when you must, in accordance with the requirement to the right amount, white steam is water vapor commonly, you spray the bigger of the two reasons may be cold car idle speed is high, the spontaneous combustion of gasoline is much, much more out of the water vapor, and with the car's exhaust thick, ternary catalytic mesh size. 4, the car is just lighter, but not necessarily car is cold, so don't worry, as long as it's not smoke, blue smoke, rust-worn gears flaking is no problem. Fuel injection advance Angle is small, caused by the incomplete combustion; Cylinder liner slight leakage, fuel oil contains water; While car cold start emit white smoke, especially low temperature start engine emit white smoke, but white smoke as the engine temperature is normal phenomenon. 5, is likely to be damaged as a result of the engine cylinder cylinder pad, produced a certain gap, lead to a large number of water through the clearance of the cooling system into the combustion chamber. Can't burn water can generate steam after heating, directly from the exhaust pipes. Besides, there are also part of the car take white smoke is because met the legendary '' dirty' gas station ', add oil by illegal businessmen by mixed with water, but this kind of situation will generally suddenly began to emit white smoke, after an oil is relatively easy to find out why. If your car has emerged the phenomenon of white smoke, to check whether there is the engine cylinder block, cylinder pad injury as soon as possible, check whether there is water inside the tank. White smoke to do 1, when the car started when the car, the phenomenon of the exhaust pipe take white smoke, probably because the air filter in the vehicle besmirch, lead to inadequate intake, may also be because of carburetor failed, or oxygen sensor in the exhaust pipe pollution, to distribution due to the computer can't provide the correct information. 2, normal white smoke emission in exhaust pipe, when the exhaust temperature reaches a certain level will condense into water droplets, if it is for a large number of white smoke, may be the engine piston case of damage, leading to burn oil is emitted thick white tail gas, or gasoline contains too much water, it is also possible that waterways within the gasket was broken. More about 'what is the cause of the white smoke when the car started? When the car start to take white smoke to do 'all content, hope useful for everyone.
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