What is the difference between the Peugeot 308 cc and RCZ?

by:DEFUS     2020-06-20
Peugeot RCZ and Peugeot 308 which good? Real-time collection juyou contrast Peugeot RCZ and Peugeot 308 fuel consumption, running-in, security, power and other Peugeot RCZ reputation evaluation owner Peugeot RCZ millions of comments, how about for your comprehensive analytic Peugeot RCZ, advantages and Peugeot RCZ shortcomings, including Peugeot RCZ real reaction car user experience! Peugeot 308 RCZ: advantage: as twisted tooth suspension shock absorber hardness and short spring, body roll when fast lane changing and cornering is small, the perfect posture can maintain rapid change lanes in 160, no redundant shaking, slightly in the direction of the car can be quickly reflected, bend the tail followed very well, have a haircut is not obvious. Mark inside the most handsome a interior is fairly interior space is handsome appearance at the expense of his faults: power system did not change, instrument panel at the top of the screen display does not support Chinese. Review: the appearance of the interior space is handsome at the expense of strong power is very suitable for practical, says is common is using the car is low, sometimes not enough good view and comfortable performance, under the action of leather Peugeot RCZ: introduction to the Chinese mainland sales form: the vehicle import Peugeot RCZ Frankfurt motor show in the just concluded the official launch, Peugeot plans in the spring of 2011 to the European market will launch this product, and Peugeot China revealed that this product, introduced domestic may be synchronous, specific time will be about two months later than overseas. Compact RCZ positioning for the 2 + 2 Coupe, the iconic design from the double mercifully inherited from the concept of the car roof. Its aesthetic characteristics, both the design can also help the rear spoiler provide vehicle at high speed under pressure. Power motivation, the overseas edition of entry-level models with 1. 6 l THP turbocharged gasoline engine, the maximum power of 156 horsepower, peak torque of 240 n · m, matching 6 manual or automatic transmission. The second is 2. 0 l HDi diesel engine ( Matching 6 block manual transmission) , 163 horsepower and 340 n. m. The strongest power version also pick up 1. 6 l THP engine, maximum power up to 200 horsepower, peak torque of 255 n · m ( Full throttle accelerating torque increases 20 n, m) , the hundred kilometers acceleration time 7 for this model. 6 seconds. Is understood to be the first to enter the domestic vehicles carrying high supercharged version 1. 6 l THP engine, the maximum power of up to 200 horsepower, peak torque of 255 n · m ( Full throttle accelerating torque increases 20 n, m) Hundred kilometers acceleration time 7. 6 seconds. What is the difference between the Peugeot 308 cc and RCZ? Peugeot 308 cc in China's listed models are divided into fashion and luxury edition two, they are all equipped with 1. 6 liters turbocharged gasoline engine equipped with a 4-speed automatic transmission, can provide 103 kw and 240 nm of torque, top speed of 205 km/h, hundreds of kilometers acceleration time is 11. 1 second, price is 31 respectively. 980000 yuan and 35. 080000 yuan, as suvs, 308 cc is ten e69da5e887aa7a686964616f31333332643264 right, also will bring you a comfortable enjoyment. Peugeot RCZ as low as 1. 36 meters body height, sleek and large alloy wheels, let it looks just like a pair of the style of the 'super', the former face is similar to 308 cc, respectively with three new turbocharged engine: jointly by PSA and BMW development 1. 6 liters turbocharged gasoline engine ( Also have used on the MINI) With 115 kw of HP and 240 nm of torque; A 2. 0 liter turbocharged diesel engine, 120 kw, the power into the mainstream standard of 340 nm; And launched a special version, will be equipped with 1. 6 liters turbocharged petrol engine, can burst into 147 kw of power, and 255 nm of torque, if necessary, the super pressure function can make then pick up 20 nm torque, only 7 broken. 6 seconds, and audi TT 2. 0 tfsi challenge! All RCZ models adopt a six-speed manual or automatic transmission, but after its semi-independent torsion beam suspension lack of gold, and no V6 models, makes it hard to compete with audi TT high-end models. However, low selling price will be its appeal to younger group. In a word, as 'trot', Peugeot RCZ is very excellent, performance is also better than the 308 cc, but 308 cc and has more advantage on price.
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