What is the menu button the car what is the function of the menu button

by:DEFUS     2020-06-23
The menu button is what is the function of the menu button, what the car today, ) Small make up to bring you the menu button is what the car's menu button function is what answer, hope you can like it. What is the menu button, the menu (1 Menu) Refers to the set of the related parameters of car audio summary, through the touch screen and keys or knob to select the operation. 2, including ordinary sound of high, medium and low adjustment, the adjustment of the surround speakers, about the adjustment of the sound field, etc. , and sound Settings, etc. 3, including car audio unique front row sound field intensity adjustment, selection of multiple sound source input, etc. 4, the hotkey, is hot, is the function of navigation select key, the Menu is a directory key general use on the air conditioning system, such as electronic air conditioning, you click on the Menu on the foot, then once is blown glass. Car what is the function of the MENU button on the MENU button will usually appear on the steering wheel of multi-function control and instrument panel control, but their effects are similar, press the MENU key, open the MENU. Multi-function steering wheel's menu button, for example, each click, the dashboard information center will switch a menu page, then you can make an adjustment according to your choice. Then the. mute buttons on the car, literal translation is the meaning of dumb, actually in the multimedia entertainment systems,. mute button is mute, or listening to the music, talking on the phone to mute, press. mute button. Since there are so many owners still don't know the inside of the car keys, then let us through the pictures to look at: the first is the steering wheel, in general, multi-function steering wheel left and right sides will integrate sound control and dashboard information center control, there are some configuration will be on the steering wheel. Behind the steering wheel, the car light control and wiper control are integrated on the shifter lever, some models adaptive cruise control. With the function of automatic headlights and light model, through the windshield in the rearview mirror at the back of the camera to detect direction or reverse the vehicle lights, automatic high beam on or off. Auto instrument panel should be most car interior button of a region, in general, a collection of the air conditioning control and media control, some high-end models will use LCD touch instead of these buttons. Automatic start-stop function a lot of models have, now button position is in the region of the joystick, automatic start-stop is in the process of vehicle temporary parking ( For example, red) Automatically shut down. When the need to move on, the system automatically restart the engine of a system. Esp stability system believes that many owners are clear, basic it is the default open, when you close the esp system, button, when the indicator lamp light on the dashboard esp indicator light is lit at the same time, to remind the driver esp system has been closed. Automatic parking and electronic hand brake is estimated that there are many car owners can't distinguish their respective role, in fact, automatic parking role is the main vehicle stops, 'brake under the condition of running vehicles, the vehicle can be in a state of parking. Simple said is, it will automatically help you shake handshandle brake, automatic lift for you. Electronic hand brake I don't need to say more, in fact, the traditional hand brake upgrade version, save time and effort save space, use rise very convenient also. Similar electronic hand brake button is one key start, it is the traditional key ignition upgrade version, directly contracted ignition process of a button, stepping on the brakes, press the button to start the vehicle flameout and click here. Part of the high-end models will have seat heating and ventilation function, make a more comfortable. Above is the small make up to bring us the menu button is what the car what is the function of the menu button, hope to be of service, pay more attention to the accessories of knowledge information please ( )
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