What is the role of removing carbon deposits

by:DEFUS     2020-05-24
The effect of removing carbon deposits is beneficial to restore and enhance the power of the car: improve the stability of the fuel system, so as to restore or increase the engine power and design parameters. Clean oil circuit: removing carbon deposits is helpful to reduce the side effects of high sulfur and aromatic hydrocarbons in the fuel, and to improve the fuel quality to Euro 4 standards. Cleaning up carbon deposits has the following effects: 1. Regular cleaning of the inside of the engine is one of the indispensable items for conventional car maintenance; 2. The engine works in a high temperature environment, and the engine oil will generate carbon deposits and gums at high temperatures. Due to the relatively poor quality of oil in China, it contains more sulfur and phosphorus. These substances will form acidic substances to corrode the engine after entering the engine. ; 3. Therefore, a large amount of carbon deposits, colloids, sludge and some harmful substances have accumulated inside the engine, which affects the fluidity of the engine oil, reduces the protection of the engine oil, aggravates the wear of the engine, increases the probability of engine overhaul, and shortens the service life of the engine.
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