What is the standard parts are standard parts

by:DEFUS     2020-06-16
What is the standard parts are standard parts, today ( ) Small bring what what is the standard parts are standard parts of solutions, hope you can like it. What is the standard standard parts is according to the national standard ( GB) , industry standards, or foreign standard production parts, mainly for maintenance can replace copy, such as screw, key, flange, the bearings are standard parts, such as at the time of design can buy the parts from the market directly, without the need for a separate production, reduce the cost, improve the labor efficiency. Standard parts is best with the state standards or industrial standards set manufacturing, size, testing aspects of content, manufacturers have the corresponding q of mold manufacturing, water production. What is the standard of standard parts are those that cannot buy directly from the market, and must contact specialized manufacturers custom-made parts. Into zhidao, of course, this is quite high, and maintenance more troublesome, as far as possible need not non standard parts. There are some parts there is no unified standard, cannot form a standard, such as gear, pulley. Must be separate processing. Instead of the standard is put forward by the user more special things back, users have to put forward detailed information and data, manufacturers according to the specific requirements of a user to create. Above is a little to bring us what is what is the content of the standard parts, standard parts hope to be of help, the more auto parts information please attention ( )
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