What kind car jacks are there? What are the precautions for used car jack

by:DEFUS     2020-06-23
Car jack on the car kit, when used for replacing spare tire jacked up the body. Car jack a pneumatic jack, electric jack, hydraulic jack, and mechanical jacks, hydraulic and mechanical jacks is usually used. Car jack used to replace the spare tire, drive away tire is damaged convenient replacement. The kind and everybody about the car jack are there? What are the precautions for used car jack? What types of car jack 1, rack jacks, it consists of rack and pinion, handle 3 parts respectively, it relies on shaking the handle so that the rack up and down; This is also one of the ordinary cars common types of car jack. It is small, deposit is better. But also is also for this reason, limiting the it can't support weight is too big. 2, hydraulic jack, hydraulic jack is divided into general hydraulic jack and special hydraulic jack. How it works is more complicated, it is not here in detail. And use its advantage is lifting speed, bearing ability is rack jacks. But the same, so powerful jacks, affirmation is not convenient to carry, so it is not common type of car jack. 3, screw jack, screw jack by thread self-locking shored up weight, structure is not complicated, but its support heavy weight. But this kind of work efficiency of screw jack is slow, slow rise and falling fast. 4, inflatable jack, the jack saw can be a bit strange feeling, because this kind of car jack type is not common. It depends on the inflatable car exhaust, so use condition is special and little-known. Product category a, hydraulic, and discrete jack and horizontal jack vertical jack advantages: lightweight, cheap vertical jack faults: 1: no steel structure, an oil pump, low security 2: lifting speed, height is not enough, Typically require the following mat brick, but the bricks, can't let go in) 3: oil pump is easy to leak, short life 4: because of ontology is small, so easy to cave in the soft road, affect the use. Mechanical: also called scissor jacks advantages: lightweight, cheap faults: 1, mechanical principles with the too tired, too much for basic use, men used to sweat, is too much for women more 2, no circle in particular, tire easily slip out 3, because not with high qualified steel plate, oneself also is small, so easily broken, crooked neck 4, security is too low, often easy to slip out and not careful will hurt. What are the precautions for car jack use vehicles are one thousand jins bumps up, must not start the engine, because of the vibration of the engine or the rotation of the wheels, makes it dangerous vehicles from sliding off the jack. Various models of cars in order to ensure safety, use jack usually have a fixed position, can't use a jack in insurance rods, beams, etc. Maintenance personnel must not work under no support vehicle car, replacing the wheel, passengers can't stay in the car, because their movement may cause the vehicle down from jack. If the tyre changes without jack, according to the different position of changing a tire, take different emergency measures. Changing a two-wheel lateral tire, can make the round inside the car parked at the pad has appropriate height of wood or stone, made the tire impending change. Pay attention to tighten hand brake and tucked up front. When changing a tire before or after the tyres, with stone or brick front axle and rear axle of car mat, to dig a hole under for demolition tires, tire impending replaceable. More about 'what kind car jacks are there? What are the precautions for car jack use 'all content, hope useful for everyone.
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