What role does the automobile throttle valve throttle valve is

by:DEFUS     2020-06-25
Throttle valve is what what role does the automobile throttle, today ( ) Small make up to bring the throttle valve is what what role does the automobile throttle valve solutions, hope you can like it. Throttle valve throttle valve is changing throttle valve to control the fluid flow section or its length. Documentary to the throttle valve throttle valve is a kind of simple flow control valve, in quantitative pump hydraulic system, match the throttle valve and relief valve, can form three kinds of speed regulation system, namely oil throttle speed regulation system, oil throttle back into speed control system and the bypass throttle speed regulation system. Throttle valve is generally on the car's engine to use, so you know what is the function of auto throttle? What's the automobile throttle valve for automobile throttle valve is installed on the engine, is used to control the volume of oil into the cylinder combustion ( Commonly known as the accelerator) , the greater the opening, the more fuel mixture into the cylinder, the higher the engine speed, change of throttle opening, so as to achieve control engine speed of high and low; Transmission is installed between the engine and wheel drive system is used to transmit engine power and change the ratio between engine and the wheels, Popular culture is the torsion) 。 If don't transmission, only throttle ( The accelerator) To control vehicle speed, throttle speed is quick, the highest speed of the vehicle is equal to throttle the biggest opening, then do not waste a lot of engine power resources, but also very money. Performance requirements of the performance requirements of the throttle valve to the throttle valve is a large range of flow control, smooth flow of a differential pressure change; If a small amount of internal leakage and have leaked oil mouth, leakage is also smaller; Adjust the torque is small,. The shape of the throttle valve structure and there is no difference between cut-off valve, they're just the shape of the opening and closing a different. The throttle valve opening and closing a streamlined, most of the cone change channel cross-sectional area and through it to adjust the flow and pressure. Throttle valve for pressure in low pressure drop greatly reduce medium. Medium between disc and seat at the throttle velocity is large, to these parts surface damage quickly, called the cavitation phenomenon. In order to minimize the cavitation effect, disc cavitation resistant materials ( Alloy steel) And made a top streamlining cone Angle is 140 ~ 180, this also can make the disc can have a larger opening, general under the small aperture throttling is not recommended. The classification of the throttle valve throttle valve according to the passage ways can be divided into straight-through and Angle type two kinds; According to the shape of the open-close part points, have needle, ditch and window 3 kinds. Adjustable throttle valve, needle valve and the valve core is made of hard alloy products in accordance with the API6A standard design, has wear-resisting, scouring resistance performance. Mainly used for wellhead production ( Gas) Tree equipment. Sliding sleeve type throttle valve: the valve core structure of low noise balanced, open the light, the API6A standard product design, and the valve core coated tungsten carbide, suitable for flash, high pressure difference, high pressure and cavitation condition such as demanding situations, long service life, the flow control accuracy is greatly increased. Apply to oil, natural gas, chemical, oil, water and electricity and other industries. For friends, that's an introduction about the role of the automobile throttle valve, throttle valve performance requirements and classification of knowledge. Throttle valve no flow feedback function to compensate speed instability caused by the load change, only to load a little change or to speed stability requirement is not high. Above is the small make up to bring us the throttle valve is what what role does the automobile throttle valve, hope to be of service, pay more attention to the accessories of knowledge information please ( )
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