What role does the xenon lamp ballast

by:DEFUS     2020-06-16
Car headlights is not only for automobile appearance as an accessory, but also the guarantee of driving at night. Several common lamps on the market, has a strong penetrating power cheaper halogen lamp, once luxury logo with xenon lamp and the latest popular LED lamps. Each lamp has different characteristics and advantages, in this is no longer in detail. Xenon lamp in the current market is still retains a certain share of many of the xenon headlamps or have feelings, want to know more about their headlights. Inside the xenon lamp lights, one of the most important part is the ballast. Let's say that the link between the ballast and xenon lamp. What is a ballast, what's the use of ballast? BALLAST is HID in the necessary supporting parts, s quite a guide for the thread, it has another name called HID electric ballasts English said: BALLAST, its volume is very small, only a normal computer drives one of the four, with the development of modern manufacturing technology, is now the langdon introduced a new slim BALLAST is more volume, size is 72 mm * 61 mm * only 13 mm, 13 mm thickness, small to dare not believe, isn't it? Its main role is to the original 12 v voltage instantaneous high pressure up to 23000 v, using the high strength voltage activated HID bulbs produce a strong light between the poles, to achieve high brightness illumination in the bulb. What is the ballast is I believe you have a heart end, more about the role of the ballast is please click on the links to check. For stability, familiar with the people all know that dc is not nearly as ballast ballast is to communicate, for unfamiliar people tend to figure in the eyes of convenience and mistakenly choose dc. For the sake of more factors, the exchange is the first selection of ballast. Because in the case of direct current (dc), an electrode are continually the positive ion bombardment, time grew, creates an electrode burning erosion. This is obviously the electrode life is reduced, the dc of HID xenon lamp ballast is widespread use of short service life, use ac ballast, high speed of positive ions even hit two electrodes, effectively increase the life of the xenon lamp use. For this factor, the working temperature of dc ballast is significantly higher than the ballast is communication. Product introduction working voltage can work normally require wide voltage range, standard in September 17 v under dc voltage is the standard, ballast is normal and stable work. 1 the radiation interference. No more than - relative standard radio interference - - - - - - 70 db, the absolute value is less than 20 amounts, car FM radio with no noise in actual use. This product is less than - of radio interference 90 db less than 5 amounts. 2. Reverse irrigation current interference: ballast is at work in the wiring measurement ripple does not exceed 300 mv, measured at about 150 mv 250MV。 ( Avoid interference with the car of electric work) 。 Quick startup performance power input current for the standard voltage 12. No less than 8 v, current measured about eight. 5 a, make the xenon lamp is started within 1 second, luminous flux standard brightness of 20%, 4 seconds, luminous flux reached 80% of the standard brightness. When the input voltage in 7 - constant power performance 18. 5 v, ballast is held constant output power can be in the 35 w ( Deviation of plus or minus of no more than 3 w) Left and right sides, protect the HID bulb from being damaged. Considerations for ballast can be thought of as HID the trigger, the stand or fall of quality directly affect the function and the life of a xenon lamp, don't because of the present prices are penny wise and pound foolish temptation, in addition, when the choice as far as possible choose to have independent appearance, best patented. Exactly what's the use of ballast is our common HID ballast ballast is there are two kinds of monomer and fission ballast, ballast monomer is a ballast and high voltage starter fit; Fission ballast, ballast and high voltage starter fission. A cold start current < 6. 5 ( Commonly used ballast is 8. 5 a ~ 9 a even higher) Performance, fast start, design the function of automatic transfer the supply current of the circuit, which is often said that the function of the secondary power supply, can be used in different fuel injector manufacturer production pipe pressure HID bulbs. 2. With wide voltage design pressure performance, general is 7. 5 v ~ 18 v ( Commonly used ballast is 9 v ~ 16 v) , can ensure the normal order of the low voltage and high voltage to start; Hot start or become light power supply, the starting current < 5 a ( Commonly used ballast is more than 7 a or higher) , reduce because of the frequent change of automobile light power supply load, and other power supply of electrical equipment for cars; In an instant by reducing the need for electricity load, protect the original car circuit and its protection system; Low current starting speed, ruled out because of lower current start lighting time is long, become light stay visual disturbance caused by reducing the night; Low current start to prevent aging or droop bulb, and reduce the disturbance to the other vehicle electronic equipment. Small power supply system is easy to start a unique performance, under 10 a power supply have enough startup performance of low power supply, can be installed on the motorcycle and other equipment used; Their work when the temperature is lower, reduce bad parts or malfunction causes because of its high temperature increases the possibility of reducing the risk product repair; Because the performance of the above and other products do not have the advantage of adaptation and bulbs match different manufacturers and the performance of the car.
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