What's bad about two feet clutch shift method -- — The principle of

by:DEFUS     2020-06-23
Along with the time development, the cars came into people's lives, driver's license test are also more and more, more coaches teach said they don't when shifting clutch, clutch shift method to use the feet, but for many drivers, especially the novice driver should have never heard of this term, so what is the difference between two methods of shift, what's bad about two feet clutch shift method? What's bad about two feet clutch shift method -- — Principle of gears on two feet clutch working principle is: due to the gears before taking the car, increase the engine speed, so when the first time on the clutch pedal, hang the shift lever into the gap, his left foot on the clutch pedal again, synchronous motion hanged stick shift into a higher gear, Left foot gradually lift the clutch pedal, synchronous action right gradually with oil continue to blunt car, left foot lift the clutch pedal single action quickly, his left foot on the clutch pedal quickly, receiving his right hand to pick a neutral synchronous movement, pole pick to gap, the first shaft and intermediate shaft transmission speed is much faster than the second axle. Mesh in order to make the back of a pair of gear circumferential velocity is close to, at this point you should lift the clutch pedal, using the engine idle speed pulling resistance action to lower the first shaft and intermediate shaft speed. When the engine sound small, need to basic equal gear meshing pair of rotating speed, again on the clutch pedal, shift lever will easily into a higher gear. Why the coach didn't let with a clutch of shifting method, one feet clutch shift is primarily a convenience, but at the same time this method also has drawbacks, improper operation, will not only hurt synchronizer gear and gear ring, also not easy to cause the gear. Feet clutch shift method, in fact, than with a feet clutch shift method on the operation flow extra steps: add block, according to 'step ( The clutch) , pick ( Neutral) And on ( The clutch) , hang ( High speed gear) 'The sequence of operation, fast on both feet clutch pedal, can easily increase the tests; Reduction gear, according to 'step ( The clutch) , pick ( Neutral) And carry the The clutch) And boom ( The accelerator) And on ( The clutch) , hang ( Low gear) 'Operation sequence, the same is two feet step on the clutch, after the first stamped on the clutch empty oil boom a foot, and at the same time of the second foot step on the clutch to low gear. Note chose two feet clutch shift method, is compared with one feet clutch shift method, it can protect the transmission gears, reduce the clutch plate wear and tear, fuel efficiency and save money for car owners. Then, with both feet clutch shift method of the note? First, no matter how to change gear, the 'add to accelerate, subtract block slow down' cannot be changed, the principle of 'bomb' before add baffle throttle lift speed first, 'closed' in front of the reduction gear accelerator to cut down the speed of the car first. Second, if you want to operate, first under the guidance of the coach, and avoid improper cooperate accident. Third, the clutch to step on to the end, on bottom, can hear the sound when shift, this is actually the engine and transmission, it is easy to broken gear. Fourth, whether to add, subtract block, after the shift when should not lift the clutch, step on the accelerator, then slowly lift the clutch, maintain half linkage state until the speed stability after the clutch. Above is the small make up for what's bad about two feet clutch shift method is introduced, the two feet clutch shift method is introduced, the small make up to introduce the three aspects, respectively is two feet clutch shift method, a feet clutch and two legs and two feet of the difference between clutch considerations, then read after the introduction of small make up everyone to know how much?
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