What's in auto wipers common problems? Auto wipers a noise

by:DEFUS     2020-06-23
Even the spring rain your such as oil, but before the rainy season, the car mainly plan to prepare for a rainy day, timely update the wiper completes the maintenance and inspection. China auto parts under the small make up with all of you on the common problems in auto wipers have? Auto wipers a noise? Auto wipers common problem: what is the ribbon stripe wiper strip with good contact with the glass; Improper arm stress or damage of the upper structure, even not appropriate wiper blades will result in such phenomenon. Fog streaks: oily film as and distribution on the windscreen wiper used, usually because of dirt or car wax attached glass; Wiper strip wax, oil pollution has this phenomenon by a car. Fine water phenomenon: when the brush after the windshield wipers, there is still a small water droplets on the surface of glass, this phenomenon for car wax, oily be soiled or silicide stick on the windshield, strip or strip quality caused by itself. 'Click' sound or harsh noise: irregular wiper sweep scraping, mostly because of strip wear, arm and bracket variant caused damage, strip aging. In the case of no lubrication, the wiper sweep clean the glass when also can have. Regularly check the wiper check methods: squirt some glass of water, and then start the wiper, observe whether wipers action is smooth, pay attention to hear whether there is a bigger sound, if any, it means the wiper too much pressure to the glass, must make the appropriate adjustments. When the wiper sweep after one to two times, and see whether there is water on the windscreen, will look at some scratch marks at the same time, if very clearly see, it means the wipers on the wiper strip has been aging, should replace the new strip. If a full range of all kinds of failure phenomenon, be sure to check the wiper blades. Method is used, after cleaning with finger touch on rubber wiper blades, check for damage, and how the elasticity of the rubber blades. If the leaf aging, hardening, appear crack, should be timely replacement. Also, pay attention to whether the strut way connected to wiper rocker match, because some of the arms is screwed to the rocker arm, and some are made with more convex clasp lock, must look for the buy. Usually when washing the car, also must pay attention to the cleaning wipers; Avoid prolonged exposure, as well as the spring and autumn period and the dust weather, try not to dry brush, so as to avoid damage to the wiper. Scraping on the car wiper connected to the battery can be normal use, so often should check whether the battery is normal. Car wipers a noise to do if it's new for wiper blade, suggest check for stolen goods or glass top oil stains, such as the suggestion with cleaning fluid to clean glass or change set new try again. If there was a noise, things to adjust the scraping it with forceps arm Angle. Recommend to the repair shop set-up with specialized tools. The wiper ring for the most part is the Angle of the wiper arm is not right, cause the wiper blades on the windshield to beat, resulting in the sound system. If the wiper blades is normal, need to adjust the Angle of the wiper arm, vertical and windshield wiper blades to plane. Can find the pliers with in the wiper arm head pad a rag, again pinching with forceps, exert oneself to do bye bye, try to vertical and windshield wiper blades plane. Or just go to a repair shop set-up. Wiper is not appropriate, the other problem is wiper is there will be obvious vibration and noise, this is because the wiper and file wind glass surface there is a big gap, wiper produce excess vibration caused by work. More about 'the common problems in auto wipers have? Auto wipers a noise to do 'small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention.
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