What's the car brake pliers with two holes for automobile brake pliers bad what are the symptoms

by:DEFUS     2020-06-16
What's the car brake pliers with two holes for automobile brake pliers bad what are the symptoms. When it comes to the braking system, most of the friends of the first reaction is 'brake caliper', especially the Brembo and other famous brands. For brake disc, many Moyou friend's first reaction is 'in any case, whether it is a double disc brake. Do you know whether the brake disc will affect the braking performance? What role does the automobile brake pliers with two holes drilling design is to increase the heat dissipation function, increase the heat dissipation. After the brake and the brake disk friction will produce large amounts of heat energy, the working temperature of overheating can reduce the brake performance and to reduce the overheating, punching method can effectively play the cooling effect. But note that the design of the punch can reduce the service life of the brake skin, in addition, the position of the punch is a precise calculation, if you punch will reduce the risk of disc rigidity. 1, the brake disc crossed what does it do? Help the dust and heat dissipation. In the tire belt up road dust, brake wear out after powder, after the heavy rain spatter mud, these can lead to brake discs with some tiny dust and dirt. And line groove design, can effectively eliminate dust, moisture, avoid affecting the brake performance, but crossed the most main purpose is to heat dissipation function. 2, spray tray just for modelling? In addition to the appearance design, also has the function of the heat dissipation and lightweight. In recent years the domestic market to launch all kinds of small locomotive brake disc design of modelling of the spray, spray tray design of noncircular, can effectively reduce the disc weight, to achieve the effect of lightweight. Bring more airflow can contact surface area at the same time, the increase of the heat dissipation effect, though spray shape on the occlusal surface, than disc has a more serious brake wear. 3, why should brake disc float? To achieve better braking force. Floating disc USES inside dish and outside dish separation design. Improve a integrated fixed plate is being squeezed from piston calipers, and surfaces of the brake skin cannot be completely fit. Inside dish is fixed on the wheel hub, outside dish is responsible for the brake force and brake friction, fixed, using floating buckle connection between inside and outside dish when moving piston callipers clamped outside dish, floating buckle can provide subtle lateral displacement, to make the brake and the outside dish more tightly, make the braking effect, and also left a gap between inside and outside dish, to avoid the problem of disc caused by heat bilges cold shrink deformation. What's good about 4, ventilated disc? Better heat dissipation effect and extend the life of the brake. Ventilated disc on the design is made up by two pieces of the dishes, and USES the hollow design, using the rotating inertia will heat thrown out, and some ventilated disc will still find the design of the small hole, used to import the cold air to help cooling, due to the small holes, for brake a little effects on the life span of the skin, and then solve the brake because of make hole design and reduce the problem of life, but at the same time retain heat dissipation function. 5, what is the difference between different materials? Price and braking force, working temperature range, weight. Common on the market of brake disc material is mainly divided into three types: cast iron, steel, composite materials. Cast iron as the carbon content of high iron carbon alloy, with a soft texture, good on the braking performance, low cost factors is popular with manufacturers, but cast iron material is very easy to rust, but the impact is not big for braking performance; Steel is the most common on the market of brake disc material, USES the medium carbon steel S45C, 4 series of stainless steel, etc. , the material cost is not high elasticity, processing, can effectively change characteristics of metal processing, but also solve the problem of cast iron is easy to rust, braking force than cast iron is a bit weak. Automobile brake pliers bad what are the symptoms first is the brake quickly stopped when the steering wheel will always turn to the side, the main reason is the brake systems about pumps for the brake pads force caused by uneven. But this is more difficult to find. But when the vehicle quickly stopped, speed that the wheels on one side of the first stop, the steering wheel deflection occurs, if the situation, can judge is the brake has a problem. Second is that if we are in the process of daily traffic, brake disc suddenly whole jitter, then suggest the owner friends here to check your brake the car, because this time could be the brake disc is out of this problem, if the problems really is the brake disc, then the consequence is unimaginable, must to stop it for checking. The third point is when we release on the brake pedal brake, if you don't return the brake pedal, might be dead the brake calipers, it is possible that the brake fluid leakage, this is by no means should continue to drive, should immediately stop, sending vehicles to repair shop to check. A brake powerless, probably because the transmission line to provide pressure appeared to lose pressure, so can't provide enough braking force. Likewise, the best to repair as soon as possible, lest cause dangerous. More about 'what's the car brake pliers with two holes for automobile brake pliers bad what are the symptoms of small make up is introduced here. Hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention. , your car's warm harbor!
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