What's the difference between a efi engine with carburetor engine

by:DEFUS     2020-05-19
Efi engine and what's the difference between a carburetor engine

release date: 2015 - 9 - 30 17:06:03

the engine is started, vehicles, machinery and equipment is the important device, the engine is running by fuel, and fuel oil supply will need help from the carburetor. Before the carburetor has been the leader of the engine, then the efi type fuel oil supply, efi engine has good performance, fuel economy and emissions, in the current popular. Now let's look at what's the difference:

1, the carburetor engine fuel supply is to use the Settings of the pipes on the top of the inlet valve, produced negative pressure air flow through the throat and gasoline continuous sucked out from the main fuel injector nozzle, into the engine intake manifold, flow into the cylinder.

by 2, electronic fuel injection engine air intake system, fuel system, electric control system, etc. It is according to the installation in the engine air intake system and the body sensors on the perception of information, provided to the computer control system, precise calculation of the engine under various conditions needed for the oil, and to provide fuel injector pulse bandwidth required, then there will be some pressure through the injector fuel spray into the air inlet pipe or cylinder.

3, fuel control system control is the core of computer system, based on the calculation of air flow and engine speed, fuel injector, igniter and idle air regulator to control key, the engine can get the best mixture under various conditions, to achieve the best working state, the maximum power output. Its biggest advantage is to solve the problems such as mixture distribution in the intake pipe and fuel atomization, and can be exactly on time for the engine to supply the best mixture. And the biggest problem is not the same amount of carburetor mixture evenly distributed to each cylinder.

4, efi control system than the carburetor is superior, it makes gasoline burn more fully, more thoroughly, general engine power output can be improved by about 5%, save fuel by 5% ~ 20%. In addition the engine starting performance and acceleration performance are improved, especially the harmful gas emissions has been effectively suppressed.

both carburetor type fuel supply system and efi fuel supply system, the spark plug is needed to fire!

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