What's the use of automotive instrument desk includes what instrument desk pad

by:DEFUS     2020-06-20
What's the use of automotive instrument desk includes what instrument desk pad the Chinese government attaches great importance to the automotive supplies industry step by step, actively promote the industrialization of automotive supplies, encourage the automotive supplies industry especially the technological innovation of high-tech automotive electronics industry, the government is gradually perfect the relevant laws and regulations and standards of the automotive supplies industry. For enterprise development provides the automotive supplies industry and orderly competition environment. At the same time, auto supplies company should also continue to independent innovation, introducing and cultivating professional talents, seize the automotive supplies industry development opportunities. The car instrument desk includes what haven't driven a car before friends all know that car dashboard not only have a lot of car lights and still has a lot of automobile instrument, so what are the car instrument, below small make up the introduce car dashboard instrument name diagram to you one by one. Auto meter fuel table fuel meter table is displayed in the amount of oil in the tank, the unit is L ( L) , pointer to 'F', said the full oil, pointing to the 'E', said no oil, but also useful, 1/2 and 1/1) R beauty 4 0 respectively with oil, half a tank of gas, and oil free. Two coils in fuel gauge, respectively at the side of the 'F' and 'E', the sensor is a float height control of variable jersey | resistance, resistance changes decided two coil magnetic strength, also determines the oil pressure, oil pressure gauge pointer deflection direction car meter is to display oil pressure meter, unit is kPa ( Kpa) 。 The oil pressure sensor is a kind of piezoresistive sensor, with screw fixation in the engine oil pipeline. Driven by oil pressure contact moved on the resistance and the resistance changes, thus affect the instrument through to the flow of electricity, drive pointer swing. Due to the oil pressure has certain pressure range, in order to clear, there are many car engine oil pressure gauge with light said, if it is still on when the engine running, it means the engine lubrication system may not be normal. Auto meter charging table table shows charging generator and battery state of charge and discharge, ammeter and voltmeter. Car mostly used current meter, it has a permanent magnet, keep on the fulcrum of pointer middle position, a coil around fulcrum, the induced magnetic field when a current through the coil, pointer under the effect of magnetic field around the swing, swing direction depends on the direction of the electric current flows through the coil. So the ammeter in series between the battery and generator, when the generator to the battery charging, the instrument shows positive ( +) A, if the battery to the load power is greater than the amount of charging generator, shows negative ( A) Extremely. Due to the current meter terminal under current is larger, less secure, so now cars are mostly use charge indicator or a voltmeter. The grounding end of the charging indicator light is controlled by the regulator, when the engine is not running, the charging light earthing line unicom, rechargeable lights shine; When the engine running, the charging light earthing line disconnected, rechargeable lights; If the charging, the light is still on a fault charging system. What's the use of the car instrument desk pad 1. To prevent sunlight refraction, increase the windscreen pervious to light brightness. 2. To prevent outside and instrument table plate image into front windshield. 3. Underlying every onto the surface does not damage the dashboard, lower the temperature of the dashboard and car interior. 4. Can absorb ultraviolet light, not dazzling, promote road safety. 5. In spring, summer, autumn, winter, rainy day, all night to avoid the light reflection effect. 6. Material is qualitative soft, feel is first-class, noble generous, use effect is very prominent. 7. Cooling gas, special breathable fiber, heat faster without impeding, can reduce indoor temperature, reduce the compressor power, fuel economy. Automatically save _luoting1 China's auto supplies industry has a certain scale, but the main problem with industry is well-known brands, product visibility and not neat, because of the lack of corresponding standard unified market, at the same time, fake and inferior products on the market run; Industry specialization degree is not high at the same time, talent has become the bottleneck which restrict the development of the industry, which directly affects the degree of product innovation, make a serious product homogeneity.
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