What's wrong brake drum circle loss occur? Brake drum temperature will lost round

by:DEFUS     2020-06-23
What's wrong brake drum circle loss occur? Brake drum temperature will lost round a brake drum is the basic component of the wheel brake, usually by 14 or 18 gray cast iron and malleable iron. The damage of the brake drum is mainly due to the brake pad and brake drum between the friction, wear and deformation. Especially when exposed the braking friction plate of the rivet head or when the hard materials such as sand into the brake, brake drum wear will be more serious. What's wrong brake drum circle loss occur? Brake drum is the basis of vehicle wheel brake parts, commonly used 14 or 18 gray cast iron, or malleable cast iron manufacturing. Damage to the brake drum, is mainly due to the brake lining and brake drum friction and wear and deformation. Especially when the brake lining rivets head of outcrop, or is in the brake to the hard materials such as sand, the wear of brake drum is more serious. Will wear and tear caused by such hard material around the brake drum groove and strain, brake drum for inner wear more than 424 mm size limit Φ scrap accounts for roughly 30% of the overhaul period, or more. If overloaded vehicles driving on the road again, brake drum brake and accelerate wear due to the frequent use of, also can appear loss, taper and cause early scrapped. Brake drum causes of crack is brake drum due to wear and tear more than using the limit size, and after many boring processing, make the drum wall thinning, under the action of load stress cracks. In the brake drum diameter is more than using limit, vehicle overloading downhill or driving down immediately after wading, will cause the brake drum contraction after high temperature, make the friction brake drum surface cracks along axis direction. Here it should be pointed out that some units in the brake drum, inner diameter is more than using limit of size, the brake shoe plus metal plates increase the thickness of the brake lining continue to use, it is very dangerous. Each secondary maintenance, all should remove the brake drum, cleaning shoe, brake drum, such as clean examination brake drum has a crack was found, should firmly to replace. Brake drum laceration, the cause of the damage is more bad brake drum material, strength is not enough. Brake drum temperature will lost round brake drum in the use of the late, will appear different degree of oval or round. Brake drum of the main causes of loss of round, wheel hub inner bearing after long-term wear loose kuang, when the car brake drum and brake shoe lining have contact friction and cause; In addition, during the brake, the brake drum temperature is higher, the pressure can also cause brake drum circle. Round loss serious brake drum has great changes on its diameter, braking can cause drag, jam, brake pedal or pulsating vibration. When the brake drum circle enough to cause the vehicle vibration or loss when the brake is not stable, should be in lathe or brake drum brake master cylinder from the car will be removed, clean outside clean, then decompose the brake master cylinder. Clean with clean brake fluid brake master cylinder of the parts, and clean compressed air to blow dry for inspection. Check the wear condition of master cylinder hole. Keep the piston in the master cylinder, with feeler check the clearance between the piston and cylinder hole. If the clearance is too large, Greater than zero. 15mm) , must change the master cylinder assembly. Check the master cylinder hole wall quality. Master cylinder hole wall must be smooth, no rust. The wall if you have minor scratches and spots, usable fine emery cloth polishing, cannot use sandpaper grind. As Nick is deeper, please do not grinding or trying to trim inside diameter, and can only replace the brake master cylinder. Check whether the liquid storage tank is damaged or broken, check whether the filter is blocked, remove the accumulated sediment. Check whether the liquid storage tank cover vent is blocking, should make it clear. Replace all the rubber seals. Replace all the damaged parts for oil cylinder and piston, as long as there is injury, one needs to change at the same time.
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