What to do with the steering wheel lock the steering wheel is locked

by:DEFUS     2020-06-24
What to do with the steering wheel lock the steering wheel is locked now, each of the family cars are rising, for some young people, they must consider to study car driving school registration. This suggests that people attaches great importance to the car, today we also learn to drive. Very useful, it can be said that now everyone must have the skills, we learn how to drive can not only bring us a lot of convenience in life, but if we have something, we don't need to trouble others. Our life or work brought convenient. If the car steering wheel is locked? Actually very simple to operate, what to do next time don't joke around the steering wheel lock actually we drive technique is mostly owners accumulated in daily life, just inside the driving school to learn some fur, many problems are also common, drive to meet such as if we are steering wheel stuck, and car keys but twist fixed what should I do? You have come across such a situation? Small make up today to tell you what we usually use some skills. First of all, we must first understand the principle of the steering wheel stuck on the steering wheel lock because we extracted the key accidentally met when the steering wheel, car security system will play a role at this time, will think is that criminals steal vehicles, touches the automatic safety lock handlebar steering wheel lock, prevent the car was stolen, if we met such a situation that should be how to operate? Actually this approach is very simple, we only need to insert the key into, turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction, at the same time to turn the key, so the car keys can easily turn. So for some keyless start the owners, may be confused. When we start the vehicle, don't hit the brakes, first click the keyless start button, and then we turn the steering wheel, and then hit the car brake, then press the start button, so cars will be able to successfully started. Finish listen to feel very simple? Here's hoping the owner or want to learn more about his car, this simple action will not, if you have any friends in the car, will make us very embarrassed. The wheel locked first we want to know why the steering wheel lock at the meeting. The steering wheel lock, actually is a simple anti-theft function. A steering wheel lock is every car is equipped with the function, when the vehicle after flameout, may be we are not careful and turned the steering wheel, the steering wheel will send out the capa to lock. In the case of the steering wheel lock, turn the steering wheel is not moving, key also lay motionless, so the car can't start. Many friends may have just bought a car I don't know this function, in this case particularly worried about, thought the car out of the question, and call the 4 s shop consultation, and find the trailer. In fact when the vehicle is started anti-theft function, how do we unlock? Actually very simple. This time we don't try so hard twist on key, the steering wheel can't move, key also lay motionless, at this time, before we screw key lighter put the sloshing around the wheel, have a plenty of the steering wheel to the left and pull gently, the steering wheel is unlocked, then just lighter start. If the car is a key to start, you can put on the brakes, then turn the steering wheel, finally press the start button start car can, hope to help friends. If you worry about later in this case, don't know how to deal with, might as well keep, in the key when you can help to you, also can save a part of the towing.
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