Wheel hub how tire life a few years

by:DEFUS     2020-06-18
Wheel hub how tire life a few years of the wheel hub cover general disassembly method is actually very simple: first caught the edge of the wheel cover, and then pull it out to remove the center cover. If you can't pull out, you can try to hang out, so that to unload it. Then, wheel hub cover is relatively easy to installation, need only on the position and strongly to the dab. When installation, must remember to place the gas fuel injector nozzle, otherwise will not be able to install. Wheel how hub is a transmission shaft, then inside it is to rely on a large screw fixed tightly, some car in order to prevent the screw activities, will again to wear a clip on the screws, then the combined a lid, the lid is hubcaps. Hubcaps main role if the car on the sensory gives people a feeling more beautiful, and to build water corrosion is not easy to go in to screw, so that they can have the effect of antirust waterproofing for large screw. Correct understanding of automobile tire pressure in daily use tires, some people think that flat tire is because the cheer too sufficient, think low tire pressure problems are not very big, actually this is very one-sided. 1, the influence of tire pressure is too low, usually car speed is faster, so the shape of the tire is often in a high frequency alternating state, if tire pressure is insufficient, will increase the deformation degree of the tire, the tread pattern on both sides of the tread will be excessive wear, the result of the body can't withstand the ground stress and distortion, produce high temperature after friction, therefore, to accelerate the tyre wear, eventually buried the hidden trouble of the flat tire. , the consequences of tire pressure is too large, if tire pressure is too big, can also lead to tire because the hardness is too large and lost its elasticity and shock absorption ability, ability to grip not only decreases, the tread pattern of excessive wear also can produce the phenomenon of uneven tread depth, tire under the condition of high speed may be unable to withstand the flat tire inflation pressure and happen. So the tire air pressure too high or too low are at risk of a flat tire, so the air pressure problem to be reckoned with. Each owner should be in accordance with the requirements of the fuel injector manufacturer to keep the standard of the tire air pressure, including for TaiQi pressure. Tire pressure measurement can be measured with a tire pressure gauge, but must be in the normal temperature of the tire state measurement, otherwise the measuring results under the thermal state of tire is not accurate. General a few years the service life of tires, tire life is generally 2 - 3 years or 6 - About 100000 kilometers. As for the tyre what year, in fact is quite simple. First of all, we have to find a set of Numbers in the tire is a part of, and then from the the last four digits of the logo can see the production date of the tire. The four Numbers in the form of 'AABB', 'AA' said correspond to how many weeks of the year, while the 'BB' is representative of the year of production. For example, the '1707' logo, it is said this kind of tyre is 8 weeks (in 2017 2) at the end of The production. But to judge whether need to change, only with production date must be too hasty, should be combined with some real situation of tire. Wear the most direct judgment method is to observe the degree of wear and tear of the tire, almost every tire has a wear mark set. General car tire wear mark height is 1. 6 mm ( This height is also legal tire minimum groove depth) , the load on the tyre wear mark height is 2. 4 mm. If it is found that the wear tags and tread as qi, elucidation have almost worn tires, should be timely to change it. Tire aging, of course, the wear degree judge is certainly not enough light to see, because some car owners and is seldom, the decorative pattern of the tire is very deep. But as time goes on, definitely will gradually appear the phenomenon of aging ( Tread crack, hardening of the rubber) 。 Especially cycle tires, must diligently the condition of the tires, if has become a serious aging degree requires timely replacement. Tire bulge tires once appear, bulge, the damaged parts of the rubber is quite thin, if bulge place intense friction occurs at this time, it would be easy to appear flat even direct puncture, know as the car flat tire is very dangerous, so be sure to change in time, otherwise you will be with a time bomb in the car.
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