Wheel hub where to buy wheel purchase channels have?

by:DEFUS     2020-06-17
Wheel hub where to buy wheel purchase channels have? I often see some sports car in the street and converted the unknown. They are very handsome, and there are a group of rim. Many drivers must also use a replace their car. However, wheel brand and all kinds of quality is a problem how to choose. Today, the editor discussed how to choose grinding wheel with you. Modified from where to buy wheel hub of the wheel is one of the more important steps in car modification, whether visuals or manipulation of the performance improvement, wheel hub have served as an important role, how to choose a high quality wheel is very important. Engaged in automobile refitting years of Mr Zhang told reporters that the grade of the wheel hub and price differ in thousands ways, wheel hub, the choose and buy should first determine the purchase budget, determine their needs, to market have a certain understanding, at the same time to shop around. There is a car wheel manufacture of casting and forging, below small make up is detailed to introduce the two wheel manufacturing process and the characteristics of the faults. Forging hub process method is the use of high pressure ( Most of the thousands of tons of pressure) Will a have heating alloy pressure into a hub of coarse embryos ( prototype , reoccupy CNC detail carver secondary processing, due to too high pressure under the impact, so the metal between the molecules is smaller, clearance is more thin, density is higher, material molecular interaction force between will become more strong, so the wheel hub with fewer materials can achieve enough rigidity, let whole lighter weight. Due to the forging metal is still in the solid state, so modelling can't like liquid casting as rich change, forging hub face are mostly simple thick line shape. By forging can eliminate the metal smelting process of as-cast loose defects, such as optimizing the microstructure, at the same time because of the intact metal flow, forging generally better than that of the same material on the mechanical properties of the castings. Related mechanical load is high, the working conditions of severe important parts, in addition to a simpler shape rolling plate, profile or welding parts are available, use forging more. In general, the casting wheel hub will be divided into two methods: gravity casting and low pressure casting gravity casting manufacturing process is simple, is inside the liquid alloy pour into mold cooling molding, also because of the mold and durable, the craft is simple, is producing at the lowest cost; Low pressure casting is an alloy of the liquid with low pressure into the mold, let average molecular distribution, pore is less, the high density of metal so strong intensity, high safety coefficient is the former, the modelling can also more complex ( Will be more refined look good) 。 Wheel hub channels to buy what the general said, you go to the hub of the brand's official website, looking for his dealer/agent list, you can find in mainland China officially designated agent. Many agents have stores in auto parts city, so I can't see. But domestic, or popular culture, the mainland's own brand, touch less as far as possible. Those who pursue cheap, mainland do OEM, himself out of the hub, although no performance, but enough for you to buy dish B. This is the factory installed B isn't hitting face consequences. Lightweight casting, forging, don't go to accumulate experience, and not think about to have a big step, blind jingdong buy tires and taobao to buy tires are the same. The simplest is to go to a local tire monopoly. Pit no you a few money, fidelity, package installation. Low low only pursue appearance can only in spring; Include a performance B in Taiwan have to beat the teeth, serious, looking for international brands, with adjustable anti-roll bar and claw wheel purchase channels have? A. Traditional offline/tire shop converted shop: mainly distributed in the auto parts city, the streets, large and small, tire shop, motor repair shop, shop. Suggest choose some special wheel modified stores, brand designated dealers to purchase, product quality is guaranteed. A treasure: as we all know, water is deep, please bring your own swimming laps! Ha ha. 。 。 Choose some famous wheel brand flagship store should be on some relatively. Overseas online shopping, buying: the price is relatively affordable, but personally the legal provisions of the state is unable to import auto parts! If not levy released, that is what you make! Bother! Bother! Bother! Emerging B2C/such as road tiger subsidy O2O automobile after-sale electric business platform. People think if similar way tiger these electric business platform above the wheels were prominent hub metal production, product quality will be more secured, coupled with emerging O2O online purchase, offline logistics distribution network and offline installation of one-stop services experience. Products directly to the stores, reduce product sales of the intermediate links, so that product prices are more transparent, reasonable. Will be a domestic hub sales after a new way! It was relative to ordinary consumers, convenient purchase channels.
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