When coolant? Radiator coolant can not enough water to replace

by:DEFUS     2020-06-21
We all know that the tank need to join the cooling fluid, coolant is an indispensable part of automobile engine. It is circulating in the engine cooling system, the excess heat generated by the engine work away, make the engine can work in normal temperature operation. The next and coolant when everyone about the change? Radiator coolant can not enough water to replace? When the first one is the cooling fluid in coolant instructions, there will be instructions for its products; General cooling fluid is added in the water tank, its service life is less than two years. The second, also can operate, open the water tank, check the box of liquid turbidity degree, if it is already very cloudy, and corrode metal box floats, suggest that should be changed. Vehicle engine coolant tank generally for two years or replace a piece every 40000 km, the taxi should change more frequently, add should be confirmed when this product within the period of validity, the changes should put the net when old, after the cooling system is clean, and changing the new fluid. When lack of antifreeze, want to use the same brand, same type of antifreeze added. Coolant is an indispensable part of automobile engine. It is circulating in the engine cooling system, the excess heat generated by the engine work away, make the engine can work in normal temperature operation. When coolant is insufficient, will make the engine water temperature is too high, and cause the damage of the engine parts. Owners once found insufficient cooling fluid, should be added in time. But cooling fluid can't literally add, because in addition to cooling, cooling fluid should also have the following functions: cooling engine parts, prevent the cooling fluid solidified, prevent rust cooling system components, to prevent overheating. ( High boiling point than water) Coolant water, antifreeze, additives of three parts, according to the composition of antifreeze different type can be divided into alcohol, glycerin, ethylene glycol and other types of cooling fluid. Used engine at home and abroad and sold on the market are almost the glycol type of coolant cooling fluid. Change note: don't add well water and sewage; Don't ignore, filling long-term engine cooling fluid, in the work after period of time, should open the tank cover for inspection, when there was a dirty, dirty water and sediment tank, should be timely replacement of cooling fluid; Don't run water shortage; Do not rush to open cover when the tank 'boiled'; Don't sprinkle the water to the water on the engine; Don't forget to add antifreeze coolant; Human body don't contact with antifreeze; Different types of antifreeze don't mix. Radiator coolant can not enough water to replace it cannot replace water, three big problem is that the water can't solve, must use coolant. 1, the winter freeze protection to prevent the car parking in winter, cooling fluid caused by ice water tank, engine cylinder body burst, demand of cooling fluid should be below the freezing point temperature around 10 ℃, the lowest in the region in case the weather mutations. 2, anticorrosion coolant should prevent the metal parts corrosion, prevent aging rubber parts. 3, prevent scale cooling fluid in the loop should be as little as possible to reduce the production of scale, in order to avoid blocking circulation pipe, affect the cooling system of heat dissipation function. To sum up, when choosing, add coolant, should be careful. First of all, should according to the specific situation to choose appropriate proportion of engine cooling fluid cooling fluid. Next, add the cooling fluid. Will choose good matching of the cooling liquid added to the water tank, the liquid level at location specified. 4, high boiling point ( The water boiled) Meet the national standards of cooling liquid, the boiling point is usually more than 105 ℃, compared to water the boiling point of 100 ℃, the cooling fluid tolerated higher temperature without boiling ( Boiled) , to a certain extent, to satisfy the high load of engine cooling water cooling need all of these are incomparable, especially water prone to scale, further lead to a vicious cycle of cooling bad, so you may as well use special cooling fluid is better. More about 'when coolant? Water tank of cooling fluid can be enough water for all? 'content, hope useful for everyone.
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