When the car how much change the shock absorber shock absorber has a fault which is the most common performance

by:DEFUS     2020-06-24
When the car how much change the shock absorber shock absorber has a fault which is the most common performance. How long does it take to change a car shock absorber without strict requirements, the fuel injector manufacturer's maintenance manual and there is no such requirement. In the process of normal maintenance, only with your eyes look, basically be to see whether there is oil in the shock absorber, shock absorber in the buffer rubber aging, broken or damaged. If the does not exist, the shock absorber of the basic situation is still good. Car how much change the shock absorber in general, abnormal damage of shock absorber, basic it is by changing a service. While shock absorber accessories price according to the vehicle brand premium ability, as well as shock absorber material and technical level is different, the price also different. If is the shock absorber of ordinary, the price is in commonly 500 - About 1000 yuan; And if it is a high technology content, can adjust the damping force of the shock absorber, the price is in commonly 1000 - 5000 dollars. Suggest change to 1. Want to see badly damaged or not, see the drive speed quickly, but it is best to replace, because of shock absorber is related to the car? Comfort? Security, break in? The speed? When? 吗? Easy to produce risk, is likely to make the car roll, broken axle. What is the most common performance shock absorber has a fault this as some of the owners friends really didn't notice it. The general faults of shock absorber performance mainly include: sound, oil spills, steering heavy and so on. Shock absorber fault generally does not directly affect driving safety, but will affect a control device of the vehicle driving feeling. Shock absorber oil spill is one of the most common fault surface, it is very difficult for the general owners friends feel, 80% of the oil are found in the maintenance technician of maintenance. Oil spill to late, experienced older drivers estimate you can feel, how to drive my car owners of how to sway the much than before, this time is about to see if shock absorber oil, serious if there will be 'boom' sound, this mainly displays in the front shock absorber obvious point. The face of the shock absorber sound this issue involves more, we often speak of shock absorber is composed of multiple components. Shock absorber sound operating mainly feel like anyone who is the sound of drums 'boom'. Especially in some gravel road faster sound, the more obvious. This time you go to the shock absorber it not leak, it is the inside of the shock absorber hydraulic element has a problem, not the problem of oil seal. You as long as the shock absorber core changed, need not in assembly, costs are lower. Another is big when there is a 'dudu' sound, the steering wheel has a slight shock feel, this is the shock absorber top glue doesn't work, I have mentioned above direction caused by heavy is also one of the parts, in the early years of the roof under the gum is a plane bearing, easy bad, a bad direction is heavy, now technology is developed, using damping friction, the friction resistance, low failure rate. But you must understand that any parts design and manufacture are all human, there is always a matter of probability. Damping parts in the later use dust, will wear down the insufficient lubrication problems, such as the direction of a all can produce sound and so on. More about 'how much is it to change the shock absorber car shock absorber is what is the most common performance failure' the content of the small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention. , your car's warm harbor!
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