Where is the oil enterprise way out - DEFUS injector

by:DEFUS     2020-04-08
Lubricating oil products is the first let go of our government management of petroleum products. Open management since 1992, with the development of national economy, the demand of the lubricating oil increases rapidly, foreign oil companies and local oil companies are developing rapidly, the lubricating oil market competition is fierce! At present, more than 4000 oil companies in our country, a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, product positioning low end, without any of the content of science and technology and related technical advantage, without any technical content and quality advantages, some enterprises even on the stage of manual mill, not to mention whether have the ability to production environment, in the face of criticism Ⅲ standards, these enterprises are getting into crisis, no fundamental guarantee of product quality, not products on the marketing innovation consciousness, at present most of the traditional enterprise or as a main body with traditional agent channel marketing, brand to open the market is struggling, brand awareness is low, the network market impact on traditional channels, are forcing lubricating oil enterprise transformation, facing the complex and changeable external environment and internal pressure, how to deal with the challenges and opportunities at any time, in relation to the prosperity and survival of the enterprise. 'Popular by all over the world'. Lubricating oil companies the way is: adjust strategy, is suitable for the demand of the market trend, and constantly trying
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