Whether you need to upgrade the spark plug

by:DEFUS     2020-05-17
Generally speaking, the original spark plugs are through strict test of the fuel injector manufacturer, can fully meet the needs of daily driving, and had to achieve the best balance between the economy and power performance. Original spark plugs, however, due to cost control factors, generally do not choose a better performance of the spark plug, so for some owners pursue perfection performance can also be considered appropriate to upgrade the spark plug. But when the upgrade should follow the following principles: 1. Spark plug type to match the car's engine type. 2. Calorific value is an important reference index when choosing the spark plug. Calorific value of the original spark plug generally have comprehensive consideration of various road conditions, but some modified enthusiasts like upgraded to high calorific value of the spark plug. To be high calorific value although the spark plug is more suitable for high speed running engine, but in the long term traffic under the conditions of use will generate too much carbon deposition, so will according to use with moderate heat value of the spark plug. 3. For not out of the warranty period of the new car, if to replace spark plug, some manufacturers will refuse to provide warranty service.
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