Why a car may produce carbon? There is a carbon how to judge whether a car

by:DEFUS     2020-06-21
Carbon is in the working process of the engine, the fuel in the unsaturated olefin and colloid in the condition of high temperature to produce a kind of the focal shape material. China auto parts below small make up and explain why a car may produce carbon? There is a carbon how to judge whether a car? Why cars will produce carbon engine power from the engine when the piston moves down, will be a mixture of gasoline and air suction in the cylinder, and then move up the piston can be compressed into highly combustible gas of oil and gas, the spark plug to detonate,, driven by the powerful explosive force of piston engine and generate power. The source of power - Mixture, must through the inlet valve into the combustion chamber; Small gasoline can't attached to the valve, in the heat of the engine, cannot complete combustion of hydrocarbons in gasoline, paraffin, colloid will be burnt rubber carbon content, if you have any product fuel injector nozzle dirty, spewing gas atomization poor condition, uneven gas mixed with air, will increase the amount of condensed't valve of gas. Is bad glue carbon absorption characteristics of gasoline, so this layer of carbon absorbs gasoline, gasoline and absorbed is burning rubber carbon line into thicker carbon deposition, thicker carbon absorbing more gasoline, so a vicious circle to the inlet valve because of too much, so much so that cannot be closed, the engine does not work. The carbon deposition is the cause of the combustion chamber in gasoline components of the colloid and cannot fully detonate hydrocarbon after the explosion, the small carbon level with waste gas discharge and accumulation in the combustion chamber, the black particles with emissions in the atmosphere, or on the sound attenuation. Combustion chamber if serious can make the combustion chamber temperature, carbon deposition caused by the spark plug at the same time of ignition, the combustion chamber itself, the mixture of the two strands of deflagration point make sudden high cylinder pressure, damage engine internal surrounding parts, and similar to knock the voice of the cylinder block, this is the detonation ( 敲门) 。 The combustion chamber carbon deposition conditions spark plug can be observed that. How to determine whether the car is carbon to avoid the jie cylinder head damage, through the analysis found that formed from carbon to gather to affect the normal work of the engine is a gradual process. Appear when the engine is cool car start difficult, idle instability, explain carbon deposition has been quite serious, can cause a fire break cylinder, further until cannot be started. When there is a cool car start difficulties should be immediately to the repair shop for inspection, after rule out other factors should be timely cleaning valve carbon deposition, avoid jie cylinder head losses. In vehicle maintenance and repair for the diagnosis of inlet pipe carbon, it is very simple, as long as the throttle removed can very clearly see that the degree of carbon deposition. But for the diagnosis of valve carbon always is a difficult problem, generally in a professional repair shop has two kinds of diagnostic methods. Dissolution method which is to dismantle the engine, check for carbon deposition. So intuitive, but time-consuming, and no matter what components every tear open outfit will more or less affect its performance, shorten its service life. Endoscopy or the spark plug fuel injector nozzle to be removed, with endoscopy to observe valve the degree of carbon deposition. This method is very convenient, but the cost of the endoscope is serious, and its use in the maintenance is not very wide, so not all maintenance enterprise are equipped with the device. More about 'why cars will produce carbon? How to determine whether the car is the content of the carbon deposition 'small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention.
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