Why carburetor frequently out of order

by:DEFUS     2020-06-02
Why carburetor often fail

release date: 2015 - 4 - 17 14:14:56

carburetor as a kind of precision machinery, its important role on engine may call it the engine & other; Heart & throughout; , so the carburetor tiny changes are likely to affect or even the performance of the car engine. Carburetor often out of order, in be used actually brings us a problem. What is the cause of the carburetor is out of order? Here we go with carburetor factory know:

1. Because all the job characteristics are related to the carburetor engine, such as acceleration, transition, consumption, and so on. When judging the performance of the motorcycle in the cause of the problem, therefore, tend to electric parts, or other mechanical parts of the fault confused with carburetor, mistaken for carburetor fault and replace the carburetor. Such as filter failure make impurities clogging carburetor, change new carburetor fault elimination, but not solve the fundamental problem.

2。 Related spare parts quality problem, make the carburetor shorten service life. Such as cleanliness is reduced, increasing the carburetor parts wear, and so on.

the above is the reason why carburetor is often out of order, in the daily use of carburetor can pay more attention to, and regularly clean and maintain the carburetor.

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