why causing the Motorcycle transition bad

by:DEFUS     2020-05-25

carburetor is a kind of precision machinery, is the switch engine to work, make the fuel and air mixed in certain proportion to make the engine run. Motorcyclists often have such experience, is to accelerate the process, as the throttle open big engine speed volatile or stall, is to let the owner. This phenomenon is called the transition. Bad transition is caused by several reasons:

1) Idle orifice, idle oil, the main gauge hole, transition hole partial blockage of the carburetor oil related department oil supply slants thin, cause poor transition. The solution is the carburetor can be cleaned.

2) Foam pipe plug. Carburetor foam pipe is to promote the effect of gas mixed with air, foam tube on the hole blocked by impurities, gasoline and air mixing effect is reduced, atomization quality to drop, will cause poor transition. The solution is cleaning the carburetor.

3) Idle speed adjustment. Carburetor oil mainly in the process of transition from the idle oil system, if the idle speed adjustment is undeserved, can affect the transition performance. This requires that the owner should reasonable when adjusting carburetor, carefully.

motorcycle from accelerate the process of driving, carburetor idle oil series oil supply reduce gradually transition to the main oil oil supply is increasing. In order to make the idle oil system and the main oil is a fuel supply link of sleek, set up a transitional oil system, to ensure the comfort of motorcycle starting process.

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