Why clean fuel system? What are the causes of the formation of cleaning dirt in fuel system

by:DEFUS     2020-06-21
So-called fuel system cleaner is cleaning nozzle, inlet valve, cylinder wall and piston top, air inlet pipe of carbon, gum and sludge of detergent. After using this product can significantly reduce the harmful substances in the vehicle exhaust emissions and help the vehicle exhaust testing standard, restore engine power, enhance engine efficiency and fuel economy. China auto parts below small make up with all of you on why clean fuel system? What are the causes of the formation of clear dirt fuel system? Why clean fuel system, fuel system after a period of use, the dust in the air and make the oil gas trap impurities not free or congestion, and combustion process of carbon deposition and glue will adhere to the inlet and exhaust door, into the exhaust duct, the throttle and the combustion chamber, especially to the gasoline injection nozzle, the nozzle clogging, adhesive, carbon deposition and sediment will plug fuel injector nozzle needle valve, the valve hole, affect the performance of the injection system precision components, leading to poor injection, atomization, don't even spray. Moreover, carbon deposition and sediment is lax, the intake valve is closed cylinder pressure drop even tempered, the engine idle speed instability, fuel consumption increase with exhaust emission. At the top of the piston and cylinder head and other parts of carbon deposition, easy to make the local overheating, gas preheating chamber and cause the engine detonation, oil consumption increase and the decrease of the engine power, unstable idle speed, acceleration and start the difficulty of fault. These failures will shorten the service life of the engine. Fuel system what are the causes of fouling formation on the qing gas under normal working state of combustion will form a small part of the carbon deposition, then there is fuel in the process of storage, transportation, oxidizing reaction, it is easy to generate a gelatinous substance. These colloidal substances mixed in the gas into the combustion chamber through the oil supply system, together with the gas burning, so can't complete combustion of mixture, formed part of the carbon deposition, including gum by the gas solubility can be divided into: can be used to improve the quality and and an sol sol. Not sol is qualitative, also known as sediment, after it joined and fuel tank car, adhesion on the fuel filter, reduce oil, enough oil, fuel will be atomized, mixture is thinning, eventually leading to engine fuel economy and power performance decline. Mass can be sol into the combustion chamber and fuel combustion together, will be on top of the spark plug, ring grooves, piston, inlet valve and combustion chamber position after heated to form a number of hard carbon deposition, so it is easy to cause the valve closed lax, because of carbon makes the engine performance, such as vibration, detonation phenomenon, out of control, unstable unstable idle speed, acceleration and so on a series of failures. There are often traffic jams in the city traffic, because stop-and-go vehicle speeds, the engine can't high-speed into the normal working state, fuel oil or lubricating oil into the combustion chamber can be one hundred percent fully burning, no burning part of the oil under the catalysis of high temperature and oxygen to form hydrochloric acid and resin glue, adhesive on parts surface, then further reduced to asphaltene through action of high temperature and oil coke quality, and the complex mixtures, such as produce carbon deposition of the culprit. The objects and tiny particles of dust, air in the air filter is not entirely filter clean, through air intake system into the formed sediments, accumulate over a long period, in the long run is also one of the reasons for the formation of carbon deposition. More about 'why clean fuel system? Fuel system what are the causes of the formation of clear dirt 'small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention.
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