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Why did the car break down? What to do next?


When we drive, we always encounter all kinds of accidents. The most annoying thing in the journey is that the car suddenly broke down. It is possible to break down on the road, the highway, and the place where you are not in front of the shop or in the village. . So what kind of situation does the car belong to when it breaks down? Next, the editor of the Defus auto parts will explain why the car broke down and how to deal with these situations. 

The reasons why the car broke down

1. Improper management of the car

Many times we are very careless about all aspects of car management. We always think that it is just a small problem, and think that other cars have similar situations, but they are still driving well, and then let those problems exist and ignore them. When we make such a move, we lack the management of the car, and we do not pay enough attention to it. It is normal for the car to break down.

2. Improper use of the car

There are many drivers who are not driving according to the driving regulations for driving convenience or looking for excitement while driving. Frequent use of the engine makes the motor and battery excessively used, or uses gears and clutches to start the vehicle, making the transmission and clutch inflexible. So that the car breaks down while driving.

3. The maintenance of the car is not in place

Many people have not done enough to maintain the car, thinking it was a waste of money. In fact, this is a short-sighted idea. These aspects should be thought of when we buy a car. If we don't do the proper maintenance of the bottom car, it is very likely that something will happen. At that time, anchoring is just a trivial matter.

Consequences of car breakdown

1. Obstruct traffic

When we are driving on a narrow road or a road with heavy traffic, the car breaks down without knowing the cause, and it is likely to block other cars at the intersection, making the traffic smooth and delaying the time of others. This hinders not only yourself but others.

2. Cause an accident

Just like what I said above, because the incident happened too suddenly, the driver has not had time to turn on the hazard warning light, so that the rear-end phenomenon of the car is likely to occur. This is not just a traffic problem, but a Life safety is used to make a bet with Yan.

What to do if the car breaks down

1. Turn on the double flash

When the car breaks down on the side of the road, we don’t just sit in the car and wait for the rescuers to arrive, but open the double flash of the car. If it breaks down at night, we also need to put the car’s outline lights and The rear position lights are turned on to let other cars know that there is a car ahead.

2. Place safety signs according to law

When the car has always been in an unexpected situation and cannot be driven normally, we will put some safety signs on the back of the car that can prove that the car has an accident. So when the car breaks down, we also need to place the safety sign 50-100 meters away from the car. If it is on the highway, the safety sign is 50 meters behind the car.

3. Leave the car

When we turn on all kinds of hazard warning lights on the car and all the road safety tips, we should get off the car and walk to both sides of the road. After confirming that this is a safe location, you should call for roadside assistance. It is the most correct way to get these things right.