Why do cars rust? Car antirust techniques

by:DEFUS     2020-06-24
Because of car main composition of metal material, but it is not unusual for the oxidation of the metal. So the action of the automotive anti-rust agent also reflected, new car to buy home later, we must care for his car, at ordinary times should be auto rust prevention work. China auto parts below small make up and we explain why want to do car rust? Car antirust techniques have? Why do cars rust 1, damaged chassis may result in some parts of the chassis of the deformation, especially from top to bottom, left and right swing arm pull rod prone to deformation, such as some slight touch scraping can also cause the oil sump or wave box in slight leakage of the oil sump. The deformation and leakage is not easy to be detected, but will seriously affect the driving safety. Data shows, a lot of traffic accidents are due to the deformation caused by the chassis. In order to ensure safety, the regulations of the state, when the vehicle annual inspection every year to check the chassis, chassis rust any happen after the vehicle to be repaired to go back on the road. To ensure that the car value, vehicle maintenance, the better, the higher the value of nature. After a period of time after driving, regardless of their own use or to transfer, through chassis antirust processing, Especially with the regular quality guarantee) of the company Vehicles must be able to use a higher value. 2, improve the driving comfort, the adoption of flexible chassis rust-proof for sealing material handling, on the one hand, greatly increase the smooth degree of vehicle, on the other hand, in the process of driving is greatly reduced wind bipolar mania and road, so greatly improve the owner in the comfort when driving. What car antirust techniques 1 and some paint soft vehicles, sand particles hit the car in the process of high speed may cause fine carry mark. For this type of car, can make sealing glaze to the body, it can form a network of strong protective film, improve the surface hardness, the effect can keep a year or so. The coating can achieve a similar effect. In addition, the vehicle can be at the bottom of the chassis armor or seal model, so that can protect chassis acid rain resistance, corrosion resistance, make the original coating and weather-shack, fall off not easily, can also prevent the pebbles on the chassis of the impact of driving. 2 chassis rust, do the best time for about 12 noon, it is best to choose the weather is sunny day, sunshine and humidity lower to do it. 3, toothpaste can be temporary and antirust. Found a new small scars, toothpaste wipe gently with the circle in the scratch. It rains or after washing the car, don't forget to besmear again. Doing so can reduce the scratch mark commonly, also can simply have isolation effect, prevent rust, no problem in the short term. Especially the white paint, the effect is most obvious. 4, rust inhibitor performance has very good antirust function, non-toxic tasteless in flames, processing is very convenient, don't transfer performance is very good, use the workpiece has no effect, won't have harm to the skin, can thoroughly clean the oil pollution, surface configuration can use water. 5, often appear the car paint surface rust, in addition to common collision, scratch, driving tire pop-up small stones to play in the paint, also can cause a small peeling paint dots, time is long can produce rusty spot. And most of these small scars because in small, easy to miss. Therefore, regularly check body, engine hatch and body around, once found will be timely to professional salon for processing. More about 'why want to do car rust? Automotive anti-rust skills what are the contents of the 'small make up is introduced here, hope useful for everyone. More auto parts information, please attention.
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