Why do some cars that are more than 100 years

by:DEFUS     2020-05-22
It should be that there are many old cars that are still in use in foreign countries for a long time. It is too exaggerated for hundreds of years. After all, the cars 100 years ago from today are basically the same as the above picture, but today these cars are basically only I saw them in the museum, there are some old cars with private collections, but this is still very different from the cars that are driven every day as private cars. I think there are many reasons for old cars abroad: 1. Positioning the car The development of the foreign automobile industry is early, and the automobile is no longer a new thing. The requirements for the automobile are more pure: it can be used, and there is no need to pursue too many things. It has not been many years since our cars have entered ordinary families in large numbers. Cars represent identity. Some people change cars not because they ca n’t drive them, but because they feel that the grade is not enough. 2. Scrap policy Our country had a mandatory scrap policy before, and cars must be scrapped after 15 years of age. So the old cars in the early days were basically spared, and they were reintroduced. Now that the mandatory scrap policy has been cancelled, there are now a lot of old cars running on the road, and it is not difficult to see cars that are more than ten years old. 3. New car purchases increased Old cars on the road were very common in the past ten years, and even pushed back 20 years. In 2000, almost all old cars were on the road. Because there were so many models now in that era, cars are simply a fantasy for ordinary people. In the past decade or so, automobile consumption has exploded, and a large number of new cars have flooded the market, so it seems that there are more new cars, and old cars are not so much. 4. Policies I think this is the most important reason. A part of the old car was cancelled by the mandatory scrap policy. After the cancellation of the mandatory scrap, a part of the car with a long life was canceled by the annual inspection twice a year. But the owners can tolerate old cars that are tested twice a year. And although it is not mandatory to scrap, the emission is still a sharp sword, and the vehicles that fail to meet the standard can not escape the fate of being yellow-labeled and restricted, and eventually some of them are forced to scrap. So I think the last reason why there are fewer old cars in China is very important, because many people are also very rational about car consumption. Although old cars are old but their performance is acceptable, why should they spend a lot of money to replace new cars? Driving a car until it can no longer be driven is the best use, so some people are happy to keep driving their cars. It's just that there are too many conditions, and sometimes it's too troublesome, so I have to change the car.
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