Why do you want to wash the car nozzle - DEFUS injector

by:DEFUS     2020-04-03
What kind of situation needs cleaning nozzle? If various sensors work on the car, the choke is cleaned, the circuit is normal, but to accelerate the weakness, 100 km fuel consumption is not normal, start is difficult, even lighter is problematic, engine jitter, this time, the nozzle may be the jam is very serious. Jam is due within the engine fuel combustion mixer, and the nozzle carbon deposit, or due to blocked the nozzle channel such as the impurity in the fuel. How to clean nozzle? Because of the nozzle is a precision device, therefore, unpick and wash by hand generally not recommended, unless there is a more sophisticated equipment to operation, otherwise, the wash nozzle with free open. Now I know that as easy unpick and wash seems to have two: one is to use free of unpick and wash clean machine. Another is the way of 'abort bottles', is to use the liquid in the 'bottle' replace the gasoline engine ( Broken engine oil) , get rid of the composition of the nozzle in the cleaning fluid. About 30 minutes can be finished cleaning. After cleaning, and then plug in the original car oil, kick down a few times. What time you need to do to clean nozzle? Need to remind you that the nozzle cleaning not according to the mileage calculation, there is no hard and fast rules how many kilometers have to clean, have problem cleaning, there is no problem, don't wash. Some shops to ask: how many kilometers? A: 40000. He say the wash nozzle, don't believe in him. In addition, don't go to booth, pursue cheap, clean with carburetor way to unpick DianPenChe nozzle, if shop to install process, technology is not good, remove the bad, bad installation, cleaning the bigger problems may arise. Nozzle how to protect? Nozzle is the precision on the engine components, with high precision, but it is good or bad, is with the invisible to the naked eye, so the usual maintenance, need to pay attention to the following points: 1, to avoid run engine idle for a long time, it is helpless, because of traffic jam. 2, use, and replace the recommended according to the requirement of engine oil ( The oil is not the more expensive the better, just enough) In you think filling volume larger well-known brand filling station, don't always change the gas station. 3, regular use clean fuel oil additives (recommended by This opposition, some people in favor of, if you add the fuel oil is very good, also can need not. ) 。 4, replace the fuel filter on a regular basis. Sometimes to run high speed, the speed above 110 km run a run, pay attention to safety, don't too fast. Car to health, it find DEFUS. DEFUS fuel injectorautomobile maintenance products provide comprehensive care for your car.
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