Why EA888 engine burning oil? EA888 engine should choose what kind of oil

by:DEFUS     2020-06-18
EA888 Volkswagen group is the new design of an engine, engine set in cylinder direct injection and turbocharging, variable valve timing and a series of advanced technology, has realized the dynamic and economic environment. However, reflect the engine burning oil consumer is also pretty is much, in use after a period of time will be absence of power. The next and EA888 engine under everyone explain why will burn oil? EA888 engine should choose what kind of oil? Why EA888 engine burning oil 1. Just changing the oil run very smoothly and the engine doesn't sound, run about km, after the engine start noise is bigger, car and trembling. 2. According to the provisions of the factory will do a maintenance five thousand km, but now, in general to three thousand kilometers is arduous, step motor speed up not just for feeling good and upslope has struggled. Especially climbing basement, slopes. 3. My car the last maintenance have opened to probably less than five thousand kilometers, the problem is the traffic light, such as have a slight quiver when N block. 4. Had just finished maintenance time, feel the gearbox shift will become more smooth, like to restore the initial state of a new car, but not too much after a long period of time, accompanied with the oil of attenuation, definitely feel shift gearbox has hysteresis, accelerate feeling not as good as the original, when low speed block is becoming more and more obvious. These problems are: to sum up the engine noise, hills or accelerate the weakness, place the car when the car shake, automatic stop when the engine. And these problems, there is a common fault phenomenon, is the lack of motivation. And the power loss is the most fundamental reason is very simple, is the 'oil metamorphism'. Why do you say that? The simple explanation is that the theoretical mixture of 14. The proportion of 7 is the root of the perfection of engine power output, breaking the balance between the proportion, is destroyed the engine power output. And metamorphic oil lost nature, make oil losing oil film, valve seal, no longer closed combustion chamber, the air flow is no longer rule, also let the part of the movement by friction increases the clearance and to break the balance, influence power output and power. So, as long as the solution to the problem of oil metamorphism, just we mentioned vehicle problem can be solved. Why configuration EA888 car engine, engine oil spoils easily? This is because the EA888 unique design lead to work as it is easy to high temperature. EA888 engine's unique design makes it much higher working temperature of naturally aspirated engines. This environment greatly reduces the cycle of the oil deterioration, the harm of oil after the metamorphic increase greatly. In the involvement of the impurities and acid base under the influence of strength, at the time of initial oil change a state of engine oil, with the passage of time, the acid base to a certain value, the oil is thinning, continue to deteriorate after become sticky, deteriorated again, has thickened oil, again is what we call - — Oil sludge. This oil is a process of metamorphic and logic. EA888 oil under the high temperature metamorphic cycle is shorten, oil loss of lubrication, cleaning, anticorrosive oil properties, and deterioration in certain circumstances for sludge, heavily damaged the engine, the engine oil is acidic. Domestic gasoline sulfur content is high, belong to high sulfur petrol, so the gasoline acidic. Oil show high alkalinity, main neutralization of acid base in gasoline, avoid oil acidic metamorphism. Oil and gas mixture is actually a process of neutralization, oil oil metamorphic process is acidic. So last longer in order to make the process of neutralization, the oil of longer life, improve oil TBN value guarantee to alkaline, prolong neutralization, avoid oil acidic metamorphism. EA888 should choose what kind of engine oil as the saying goes, choose a rightness of, don't choose. 'Good horse matchs good saddle car with good oil' and EA888 engine's unique design, make the selected oil more pay attention to: first, want to choose the advanced sex oil TBN value is more than 10 second, want to choose 5 w30, 40 level of oil in the third, to choose the ACEA standard oil fourth, should choose high temperature high shear force oil remind everybody, in the maintenance of the car, choose the appropriate engine oil, and regularly check the health status of the oil, to avoid oil metamorphism, and affect the normal work of the engine. More about 'why EA888 engine burning oil? EA888 engine should choose what kind of engine oil 'all content, hope useful for everyone.
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