Why the role of the transmission oil change regularly gearbox oil?

by:DEFUS     2020-06-24
Why the role of the transmission oil change regularly gearbox oil? Many friend don't know the vehicle's gearbox, also don't know the role of the transmission oil. For today's most owners, after all, this is normal, driving well, as long as they according to use standard should be vehicle problems to the repair shop. As for the transmission oil, we just need to get a general understanding. The role of the gearbox oil first explain the role of the transmission oil. Transmission oil can keep cleaning and lubrication of gear system, maintain the gearbox to work normally. Someone will ask that transmission oil change need not to need, small make up think, all the oil, after a long time will become dirty, even if in the gearbox not clean oil, not only for the vehicle's gearbox and drive system, the effect was less than protection, will also cause harm. Also need to change regularly, so the transmission fluid replacement cycle of general advice is about 60000 kilometers, specific still should see the vehicle usage. New gearbox oil one thing to note is that don't mix. What make is your car was, what type of transmission fluid replacement must be the same. First, the transmission of the original rules of oil must be the most suitable for the vehicle, after all, transmission structure is complex, the fuel injector manufacturer oil is also tested. Secondly, because of the change before the release of the gearbox oil again, why always have thoroughly remains mixed with new and different types of oil, after may cause performance degradation, and even affect the normal work condition occurs in the gearbox. To sum up, the gearbox oil is a need to change regularly, but it does not require frequent replacement, 60000 km to services consultant advice whether to replace, change the transmission oil must be consistent with the original, so suggest to replace the original 4 s shop transmission oil, to the health and safety of the vehicle, this pay is worth it. Why do you want to change regularly gearbox oil? Because traffic road is special, traffic jams and poor air quality, easy to have transmission oil oxidation, reducing viscosity, increasing the friction between the wear and tear, increase fuel consumption, if not replace the gearbox oil for a long time, will lead to increased fuel particles or debris and block oil, injury body, blocking the plunger, shifting conflicts even, so the transmission oil must be replaced periodically. Automatic transmission assembly is a very sophisticated, complex structure. A new gearbox oil per 40000 km, is the effective method to the normal work of the automatic transmission. Many automatic-shift cars is because the cleaning, an oil change is not in a timely manner, at about 200000 kilometers to the collapse of the automatic transmission overhaul. If you insist on the 40000 kilometers of automatic transmission for cleaning maintenance, can make the automatic transmission long-term maintain the best working condition. Using the automatic transmission cleaning maintenance equipment in oil, can thoroughly oil change, using the characteristic of the velocity, pressure, can completely clean the oil sludge of automatic transmission carbon deposition. Automatic transmission fluid replacement if not overhaul ( Repair need a thorough change) , there are two ways: one is by gravity put oil, oil change rate of about 40%, the principle is the same as the oil change, usually an eight litre gearbox can replace 3 to 4 litres. Another is using the method of dynamic oil change machine, using the torque converter pressure of oil in the lubricating oil pipe and heat pipe replaced, the more oil than the actual transmission capacity. A way, after the oil change rate can be as high as 80% above.
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